Windows Ink delivers an outstanding drawing and writing experience on many Windows devices, but they often don't come cheap. The Surface Pro, for example, starts at about $800, and that's without figuring in the price of the Surface Pen.

Windows Central forum member CrippsCorner recently created a thread asking for budget Windows Ink device recommendations.


Hi I am planning to get my partner a new computer for her birthday (along with her parents helping out) we have a strict maximum budget of £450 She sold her old iPad a couple of years ago and has mentioned wanting another... which is certainly an option, but the iPad Pro, where you can use the Pencil, is out of our price range. She has an old Dell laptop (about 6 years old) which is way...


CrippsCorner plans on buying a new computer and has a maximum budget of £450 (about $580 USD). They already own a Surface Pro without the Surface Pen, but buying a second one is out of the question due to the price.

Do you have a recommendation? If so, drop into the thread, read other replies — there are already some valuable answers — and share some advice.

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