Chime in: Will Surface Go succeed in education?

Earlier this month Microsoft unveiled the Surface Go – its new lost-cost tablet aimed at education and enterprise. While retaining the features that define the Surface line, this device offers a more compact and more affordable 10-inch design starting at $399.

While Microsoft is positioning the Surface Go as a device for education, a number of unanswered questions still remain. While Surface is synonymous with premium hardware, the device still has hurdles to overcome. Not only is competition in the education market fierce – Apple and Google already have established solutions widely adopted across the world. This, among other issues, was made a topic of discussion on the Windows Central forum, with one user unsure if the tablet can succeed.

The new Surface Go will fail. It will not make any inroads into the Education market. Here is why: (Disclaimer: before I get started, I must admit, that as a LONG time Microsoft enthusiast, I am still deeply hurt and in mourning due to the demise of Windows phones (and Groove Music). I was the only staff member using Windows phones over the past 4 years or so, and was constantly the butt of...

darrell reimer

As always, we want your thoughts on the topic. Will Surface Go succeed in the education space? If not, where is the Surface Go best suited? Drop into the forum thread linked below with your thoughts.

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Matt Brown

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