Chime in: Will a Surface Pro last upwards of seven years?

The Surface Pro is a premium product built by Microsoft as an example that other manufacturers can live up to. It's built with precision and is available with powerful hardware inside, so it's expected that it will last — and remain relevant — for quite awhile.

Windows Central forum member david818 recently created a thread asking whether or not a new Surface Pro can last up to six or seven years.

I'm thinking of replacing my desktop with a surface pro. What's the longevity of a surface I plan on using this for about 6-7 years for basic stuff web surfing Netflix and reading comics.


David818 is planning on using the Surface Pro primarily for streaming video and reading comics, which are both pretty low-wear activities. What do you think? Would a Surface Pro last up to seven years? How long has yours lasted?

Drop into the thread, read other replies — there are quite a few — and let david818 know what you think!

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