Chime in: Is your Surface Pro too noisy?

If you own a new Surface Pro, we want to hear about your experience so far.

The new Surface Pro is a serious PC for serious Windows users. It's powerful, reliable and good looking. Read our Executive Editor Daniel Rubino's full review for all the details:

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But the Surface Pro isn't perfect. And some Windows Central forum users are experiencing issues, including "light bleed" and noise problems. Forum member CrippsCorner already swapped out one Surface Pro due to concern over light bleed. Now the replacement unit seems to be plagued by an abnormally noisy processor.

Thought I'd start a new thread for problems with machine No.2 :eck: It still has the same issues as my previous one, i.e. light bleed, slow Wi-Fi and lagging Bluetooth... but the Bluetooth is slightly better so I just thought sod it I'll keep it. However! I've now noticed, the processor is really noisy! Or something like that. Basically when doing literally anything like even scrolling down...


A number of Windows Central team members use the Surface Pro regularly, including me. None of us have experienced any serious hardware issues. My Pro (i7/16 GB RAM/512 GB storage) gets somewhat noisy when I'm running multiple resource-intensive apps at the same time, such a Photoshop, Skype and a Google Hangout video call, with lots of browser tabs open, sometimes in multiple browsers. But that's to be expected. It's not that noisy, and it doesn't bother me. For more of my thoughts on the Surface Pro, read:

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The bottom line here, however, is that if you're not happy with your Surface PC — or any PC, really — you should exchange it for a machine that satisfies you. Surfaces aren't cheap, and you shouldn't compromise. However, you should also be realistic and maintain some perspective when assessing potential issues. Some light bleed is normal, for example, as is some degree of processor sound.

What say you? Do you own a new Surface Pro? Have you experienced any of the issues described here? If so, which ones? Did you exchange your device? And did the exchange solve your problems? Pop on over to our Surface Pro forums and share your story.

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