Chimpact Run, a fun game full of bananas and fireflies for Windows PC and Phone

Chimpact Run is the gaming sequel of sorts to the popular jumping games Chimpact and Chimpact 2. Available for both Windows PC and Phones, the game has you running the game's main character, Chuck the Chimp, through a series of platform levels to collect bananas and capture fireflies.

Gameplay isn't a casual walk in the jungle, though. Game levels have plenty of dangers to avoid, but you do have several power-ups to give you a better chance of survival. Graphics are colorful and gameplay will test your skills at timing and patience. The only downside to Chimpact Run is the lack of a trial version. However, in playing the Windows Phone version, if you liked the original Chimpact game, you will find Chimpact Run to be an enjoyable sequel.

A quick rundown of Chimpact Run's main menu has options to jump into gameplay, visit the game's achievements, access the settings and view the help screens. Settings are limited to music/sound levels, language selection and purchase restoration.

Gameplay is spread out across fifty levels of play with indications that more levels are "coming soon". The backstory for Chimpact Run has Totem, the Lord of the Forest, being enchanted and his precious gems are turned into fireflies. Your job is to travel through the forest jungle, collect the fireflies and restore order to the land.

Chimpact Run

When you first jump into gameplay, Chimpact Run will walk you through a tutorial level that covers gaming mechanics and the various pitfalls to avoid. Chuck the Chimp's forward motion is automatic and as he runs through the jungle, you can tap the screen to make him jump. Tap twice to have him double jump and tap/hold the screen to have him glide as he descends from his jumps.

As Chuck the Chimp makes his way through each gaming level, he will need to collect bananas and fireflies as you race towards the finish line. Bananas will be converted to coins and fireflies converted to gems for Totem. You will need to collect enough fireflies to create at least three gems before you can advance to the next gaming level.

Coins can be used prior to gameplay to populate the jungle course with power-ups. You use the slider control before starting each run to choose the number of power-ups and, as you would guess, the more power-up choices, the more coins it will cost. Power-ups include magnets that collect more bananas, magic carpets to let you soar above the dangers, roller-skates to give Chuck a boost of speed and superhero suits that make Chuck invincible for a short period of time.

The dangers you face in the gaming levels range from gaps in the jungle path to snakes to angry Toucans. All of which will send Chuck to his fate and end the game.

There are additional Chimpact characters that will become unlocked as you advance through the gaming levels. Characters such as Petunia, a cheerleader of a chimp and Cyrus, an older chimp. Each character brings a new power-up to the table.

Overall, Chimpact Run is a fun platform game that is available for both Windows PC and Phone. The graphics and animations are colorful and full of detail. Gameplay is challenging with simple mechanics. Chimpact Run isn't an overly intense gaming title but will keep you on your toes by testing your skills at timing and patience.

While I enjoyed the game, I do think Chimpact Run needs a trial version. The full version is running $4.99 and while a Universal game, the lack of a trial will turn many away. The original game, Chimpact, has a trial version and I think if you could access Chimpact Run's first level of play many will find the game appealing enough to make the five buck investment.

As is, I think Chimpact Run is a solid enough game to take a chance on and if you want a general feel for things, download the trial version of Chimpact. If you like what you see, odds are that you'll like Chimpact Run.

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