CHUWI MiniBook hits Indiegogo: An 8-inch workstation running Windows 10

What you need to know

  • CHUWI's MiniBook-Mobile Workstation launched on Indiegogo.
  • The device is an 8-inch convertible PC with a 360-degree hinge.
  • Early backers can receive the device for a discount.

CHUWI's MiniBook is a portable PC with a 360-degree yoga design that lets it flip into a tablet. It recently launched on Indiegogo and has already reached 600% of its funding goal. The device features an Intel Core m3 8100Y processor, 8GB LPDDR3 memory, 128GB of storage, and supports M.2 SSD expansion.

The device is marketed as a portable PC that's powerful enough to handle real work and portable enough to be taken anywhere. The MiniBook can also be used as a desktop as it supports Bluetooth and has a USB-C port. It also has a front-facing camera.

The launch video for the device shows it off in PC, yoga, and tablet modes. The MiniBook has a full keyboard, but with an 8-inch screen, the device has a smaller keyboard than just about any PC on the market. The launch video has a brief clip of someone typing on it at the 0:32 mark.

The Intel Core m3 8100Y version of the CHUWI MiniBook is available to backers who the products with $530. The full listed price of the Core m3 version is $670. There is also an Intel Celeron N4100 version which backers can receive for $429.

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  • So any windows tablet with a permanent keyboard? I would rather have a regular windows tablet that could have a magnetized keyboard attached to it over a permanent one at that size of device, anyday.... I guess this device just isn't for me but I don't understand the need for an 8" laptop with a permanently attached keyboard. Now if we just had a surface mini like we've been asking for years for, that thing would sell hecka good.
  • Some people (like me) just like laptops. I despise using a Windows tablet and I always want a keyboard. Likely not alone. Plus, a permanently attached keyboard in theory at least allows more room for more electronics. Not cramming all the computer bits inside the display bit. Like here with an m.2 SSD slot.
  • What about when you're in bed, or on the can, or in the messy kitchen? I too want an 8" Windows surface type with removable keyboard.
  • I thought that when I bought my surface go, but if you're running windows, presumably you're after doing real work, so you end up using a keyboard most of the time, so on both my surfaces, the keyboard may not be permanent, but they are both permanently attached. After about a week of carrying a portable keyboard, I bit the bullet and bought the keyboard, it hasn't left my surface go ever since. I wonder if 8" is a big enough to do much on, the surface go is pretty much the sweet spot, but then if it's lighter or has better battery life, maybe the compromise would be worthwhile.
  • This would be ideal if it was an 'always connected' device, but no mention of that so I guess not. Still, very interesting.
  • This model seem good. but when i check and search by google. i found that another model which call onemix 1s look better than this one.
    1s seem better quality , also i like the stylus pen design. storage chose better than mini book. the most important is~~ it cheaper than mini book~~~
    God! i really dont know how to choose it
    guys, probably you can check this link to check it
    i m a customer of CHUWI. but i bought 2 tablet of CHUWI. but now i really feel 1s look better
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