Cliff Bleszinski wants to bring battle royale 'Radical Heights' to Xbox One

Ever since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gained popularity, games like Fortnite quickly adopted the "Battle Royale" genre. Now there are numerous such titles out there, with Cliff Bleszinski's "Radical Heights" being the latest entry in an increasingly crowded market.

Bleszinski left Epic Games many years ago and, after a brief hiatus, formed Boss Key Productions. At Epic Games, Bleszinski worked on the Gears of War franchise. Radical Heights is the studio's second game after "LawBreakers". LawBreakers failed to gain a significant following so Bleszinski hopes Radical Heights will be different due to its free-to-play nature. LawBreakers was supposed to be a free-to-play game but the business model changed closer to launch.

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During a conversation between Bleszinski and various Xbox executives on Twitter, the developer expressed the desire to bring the game over to Microsoft's console. Bleszinski wrote, "We want it on Xbox 😉👍". To this Mike Ybarra, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Gaming, responded that it was quite easy to publish any game on Xbox One.

Let's hope that Radical Heights makes its way to Xbox One because the latest Steam statistics are rather troubling. The title peaked at over 12,000 gamers a few days after launch, but now the player count is down over 80 percent to around 2,000. Hopefully the hypothetical Xbox One launch will give it a much-needed boost. The title seems like a perfect fit for Xbox Game Preview.

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  • The more competition the better.
  • Funny, he went from, "Xbox fanboys are salty because they can't have LawBreakers," to, "Happy face, thumbs up! We'll support any platform. Just please, someone play our games."
  • Actually no, he aimed it at a specific Xbox fanboy group. If u hang around long enough on twitter u will see the steady toxic group of salty *****. Same as those of playstation.
  • LOL Microsoft supported tf out his previous venture and then he dumped the whole ecosystem - and his audience - for supposedly greener PS4 pastures. Lo and behold those people dgaf about anything he was doing so he's back like a cheating ex.
  • LMAO Mike Ybarra should've hit him with "New phone who dis"
  • Give the man a bone. I think he wants to come and work for MS again
  • The article fails to mention that Cliffy B was one of original directors behind Fortnite. There are plenty of videos and articles of him talking development of Fortnite six years ago or so.
  • Yep, and that's why he is mad at epic for stealing his employees :P
  • They're not being 'stolen', they're leaving - big difference...
  • Dear god not the creators program. There are some heinous things in there.
  • Exactly
  • There are some great Mario clones on there.
  • Quality answer from Ybarra... In other words 'Cliffy', if you want it, get off your backside and do it. Not that it'll matter though - you flipped Xbox owners the bird over 'Lawbreakers', that failed and now you want to 'make nice' again? F*ck you, Cliff... Nobody wants any more rip offs of the current 'big thing' (you tried Overwatch and now you're trying Fortnite). Just learn the phrase 'Do you want fries with that?' and move on...
  • Good catch. I didn't realize Ybarra was shading him until I read your comment. Damn, that's harsh.
  • It's cliffs fault for disrespecting the only gamers that would buy his games. I play on all platforms but he deserves it. You can't turn your back on your fan base and expect to be successful.
  • 1) "It's pretty easy to publish on Xbox. Teenagers do it in the Creators Program."
    - Pretty brutal shade from Mike Ybarra there, considering CB and Microsoft used to be tight. Basically told him "Do it yourself, idc." 2) Cliff's experience should be a sobering warning for any developer wanting to dump their core Xbox audience for the "larger" PS4 userbase. Glad he learned his lesson and is on his way back though.
  • The larger ps4 crowd won't play multi-player games. He would've been better off just cloning the last of us, uncharted, and dark souls. That game would've received a perfect score apparently. Even if the cut scenes are longer than the campaign.
  • I will only play this game on Xbox. I won't play it on pc because of the hacks that like to win. On ps4 I just don't have enough friends that like to play online. If they do its just basketball that they play. My Xbox friends are the ones that play different multi-player games. My ps4 buddies would rather watch the new God of WAR movie over and over.
  • Go back to Epic and make Unreal 3... Please?