Stretch your mind with A Clockwork Brain for Windows PC and Phone

A Clockwork Brain is a series of brain challenging games designed to test your memory, attention, reasoning, dexterity and language skills. Available for both Windows PC and Phones, the game sports catchy graphics that are a cross between Steampunk and Mayan styles.

The game includes sixteen games, three game modes and plenty of power-ups and boosts to unlock. Gameplay has a fast pace and is well suited for the times you only have a few seconds to waste and addictive enough for longer gaming sessions. If you like brain challenging games, A Clockwork Brain is a fantastic title to have in your Windows gaming library.

The primary menu for A Clockwork Brain includes options to play the game, visit the upgrades store and access the game's settings. You will also find the option to log into your Facebook account, which is necessary to access some of the gaming features.

A Clockwork Brain

The three gaming modes with A Clockwork Brain include:

  • Quick Game: Here you have access to all sixteen challenges
  • Daily Boost: A daily challenge that includes four randomly picked games where you compete for daily prizes. You will need to log into your Facebook Account to access this mode.
  • Workout: Similar to the Daily Boost, but you pick the four games to tackle

The game begins with the Quick Game mode available and as you move up in experience levels, the other two modes become available. Throughout the game, regardless of the mode, you will be guided by Sprocket, a friendly robot who will present you with tutorials before each game and will analyze your gaming performance.

A Clockwork Brain

The games are timed and present you with tasks such as identifying the shape that does not belong, match a descriptive word with a silhouette or finding the matching pictures. For example, the Solo Game will present you with a collection of symbols and you must find the unique symbol that does not have a match. The Reasoning Game presents you with a side view of an object and you have to pick the top view that matches.

Along with matching-styled games, you have a few games that can be real head-scratchers. There is an Anagrams game where you are presented with a word and will have to find the matching anagram or scrambled word. Regardless of the game you choose, you will need to solve as many puzzles as possible before the timer runs out.

A Clockwork Brain

The more puzzles you solve, the harder they become by either throwing more items to decipher or answers to choose from. As you play the game, you will earn tokens that can be used in the Upgrade Store and unlock boosts that will help you with gameplay. Upgrades will allow you to unlock a gaming mode sooner, recharge your capsules or add more items to the games.

Gameplay is regulated by requiring a capsule as admission to the game. You start with four capsules that are replenished over time, replenished through an in-app purchase or you can spend your gaming tokens to unlock unlimited play for specific games.

Brain Freeze

A Clockwork Brain is a challenging, entertaining game that delivers a healthy collection of puzzles to your Windows PC or Phone. The games start easy and builds up in intensity nicely. Don't be shocked if these puzzles become so difficult that all you can do is stare at the screen, suffering from brain freeze in a manner of speaking.

Graphics are sharp and the combination of Steampunk and Mayan styles that offer a colorful, detailed presentation. Individual games in Quick Play only last for sixty seconds, making the game well suited for those times you only have a few minutes to dedicate to gaming. The Workout and Daily Boost will take a little longer, but any of the modes can be addictive enough to hold up to lengthier gaming sessions.

My only nit with the game is that you can burn through the four capsules rather quickly. This can really screw up any gaming rhythm you've established and I would have liked to have seen more capsules available or an option to remove them entirely from the game that doesn't cost $49.99.

All-in-all, A Clockwork Brain is a fantastic gaming title to have tucked away in your gaming library for those times you want to train your brain. It is a free game with plenty of in-app purchases and available for both Windows PC and Phone.

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