Decipher the puzzle with Codebreaker X for Windows PC and Phones

Codebreaker X is a puzzle game where you are asked to decipher a sequence of gems to break the code and solve the puzzle.

Graphics are minimal and while Codebreaker X isn't a very complicated game to sort out, it is not short on challenges. Available for Windows PC and Phones, the game can be a little tense, not only with the gameplay challenges but also in deciphering some of the rules of play.

However, once you get the hang of the rules, Codebreaker X can be an entertaining way to pass the time with your Windows Phone.

Codebreaker X's primary menu offers you the option to play the game, view the gaming directions and mute the sound/music. You will also find an option to rate the game in the Stores.

Codebreaker X

There are four gaming modes, each raising the level of difficulty and size of the gem sequence you have to decipher. The four modes include:

  • Easy: The code length is three gems and there are no duplicate codes
  • Normal: The code length is four gems and there are no duplicate codes
  • Hard: The code length is four gems and there are duplicate codes
  • Enigma: The code length is five gems and there are duplicate codes

Codes are generated from six different colored gems that are placed in a particular order based on the gaming mode. The Enigma level is unlocked as you progress through the game.

There is a tutorial that will appear when you first play Codebreaker X and you really need to pay attention to the tutorial. The help section on the primary menu covers the gaming concept, but the tutorial will walk you through the mechanics of play a lot better. Unfortunately, without uninstalling/reinstalling the game, there is not a way to replay the tutorial.

Codebreaker X

Creating the codes is not difficult, getting them right, on the other hand, can be tough. Just tap on one of the gems that line the bottom of the gaming screen and tap on the hole on the game board you want it placed in. When you think you've got the gems lined up correctly, tap the guess button.

Each game affords you eight guesses to get the code or sequence of gems just right. After each guess, hints will appear next to your guess to help guide you in the right direction. with a series of dots that appear next to your guess. A black dot means you have a gem in the right location, while a white dot means you have a correct gem color, but it is in the wrong location. The hints will not point out which gem in the sequence is correct, for that would make the game too easy. Potentially frustrating? Sure, it's supposed to be challenging.

You will be able to review your previous guesses and through trial and error (along with a little luck) you should be able to solve the puzzle in eight guesses. Don't get too discouraged, the game can be tougher than its caveman stylings would lead you to expect at first glance.

Fun game but a little frustrating

Codebreaker X is designed in the spirit of the classic board game Mastermind) and shares that game's difficulty and entertainment value. Graphics are minimal, but work. Game mechanics are simple, but I would have liked more straightforward process such as just dragging the gem to put it on the board. The two-tap process can get a little tedious.

Solutions to the puzzle can be a little frustrating to decipher. The hints will get you in the ballpark, but breaking the code is ultimately up to your puzzle-solving skills. Overall, it may not be the most glamorous game in town, but Codebreaker X gets the job done nicely.

Codebreaker X is a free, ad-supported game available for both Windows PC and Phones.

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