Control: Ultimate Edition for Xbox Series X, S and PS5 releasing in February 2021

Control Awe Expansion Train
Control Awe Expansion Train (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Control: Ultimate Edition includes all of the DLC packs released for the base game.
  • It also includes a next-generation upgrade for players on the newest consoles.
  • Control Ultimate Edition's next-gen upgrade is coming digitally in February 2021.

Unlike the base version of Control, the previously announced Control Ultimate Edition includes a free next-generation upgrade, allowing players to experience the game at its best on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5. These next-gen versions of the game are now set to release on February 2, 2021 for digital owners, with a physical release on March 2, 2021.

Control: Ultimate Edition supports two different modes on high-end consoles — a 60 FPS performance mode and a 30 FPS mode with ray-tracing, both of which are features that simply weren't possibly on the lower-end consoles when the game first released in 2019. You can check out both modes in action thanks to some footage Remedy Entertainment shared earlier:

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Control passed 2 million copies sold as of November 2020 and is now available in Xbox Game Pass. It's just the base version though, not the Ultimate Edition that will be getting the next-generation upgrade.

Control: Ultimate Edition also includes the various DLC packs released earlier this year, including the AWE expansion, or Altered World Event, which editor Carli Velocci found somewhat lacking in her review.

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  • Hopefully I will be done with my pre-patch Cyberpunk run by then.
  • I already have the game and patiently waiting for the upgrade. I'm refusing to touch it until then. Ditto for Doom Eternal and Metro Exodus
  • I don't even know what they could possibly do to upgrade Doom. It is already so beautiful (for ripping apart demons in hell) and fluid.
  • I'm looking forward to replaying through this game again, I really enjoyed it the first time around (although screw some of those boss fights, frigging hell) so a second run with DLC included is going to be exceptional.
  • I refuse to buy the game again. This should have been a free upgrade, not a new "ultimate" edition.
  • I (finally) bought Control UE during Xbox's Black Friday sale. I didn't even download it yet. Just waiting for the next gen version to drop. I can wait a month and a half. Still making my way through Watch Dogs Legion which I'm surprisingly enjoying more than I thought I would. Also, definitely choosing Performance mode. I remember being underwhelmed with the ray-tracing in Control back when it launched and I still feel like I can live without it. Unrelated to Control specifically... while I'm glad these next-gen consoles can do ray-tracing, I don't like the trend of tanking framerates to 30fps just to add it in. Give me 60fps with HDR and better screen space reflection. Hopefully, as dev kits and game engines improve, 60fps with ray-tracing becomes more viable.