Corsair's Bulldog PC and Lapdog keyboard mount offer PC gaming while on the couch

Corsair has released its Bulldog living room PC and its Lapdog keyboard mount. Both products are designed to offer the best in PC gaming for players who want to sit on a couch and play on a big screen TV.

Both the Bulldog and Lapdog products were first revealed by Corsair nearly a year ago at Computex 2015. Here's the description of the Bulldog PC:

Available as both a kit and via select configured systems from Micro Center in North America, BULLDOG includes a trio of innovations right in the box to bring the enthusiast PC to a living-room friendly form factor. Sleek industrial design and a console-sized case fit right in with the rest of your home entertainment gear, the multi-award winning CORSAIR SF600 SFX power supply powers the most ambitious of builds and the low-profile CORSAIR H5SF liquid cooler efficiently cools the CPU. BULLDOG comes with an Intel Z170 mini-ITX motherboard (specific model varies between retailer) right in the box, so all you need to do is add the CPU, memory, graphics card and storage to build a true living room gaming PC, with no compromises on performance.


The Lapdog keyboard mount is designed to be placed on a person's, well, lap to play games when Corsair's K70 or K65 keyboard and mouse are added:

Built from anodized, brushed aluminium LAPDOG feels as good as it looks, and with a huge removable memory foam lap cushion is made for comfort as well as style. Weighing just 5.8lbs (2.63 kg), multi-hour gaming sessions are a breeze, with the light-weight aluminium chassis and moulded cushion minimizing weight and pressure. Any CORSAIR K70 or K65 mechanical keyboard fits securely into Lapdog, while a full-size 11in x 11in textured-finish mouse pad provides both precision tracking for optical or laser sensor equipped mice and enough surface area to enable the best gaming mouse experience. CORSAIR is no new-comer when it comes to cable management, and LAPDOG is no exception. Cables and connectors are tucked away inside LAPDOG's hidden compartment, along with an integrated powered USB 3.0 hub with four USB 3.0 ports, allowing gamers to connect not just a keyboard and mouse, but also a USB headset, phone, flash drive or any other USB device, all right from their seat.

The Bulldog PC is available as a kit, including the motherboard, for $399.99. Full PC Bulldog systems will be sold starting in the third quarter of 2016 for various prices. The Lapdog keyboard mount is available on its own for $119.99, or you can buy it in a bundle with a Corsair K70 keyboard for $249.98.

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John Callaham