A big Duke Nukem game announcement is coming on Sept. 2 [Update]

Update: A Reddit user claims that the game that will be announced next week will be called Nuke Dukem 3D: World Tour. The person claims the game will be both a remake and remix of the original Duke Nukem 3D, with both original and new content. As usual with this kind of unconfirmed report, take it with a grain of salt.

The official Duke Nukem website has been refreshed with a countdown clock that will expire on Sept. 2. It suggests that some kind of big game announcement centering on the action franchise will be made on that date.

In addition to the website, the official Duke Nukem Facebook page has been updated for the first time in over four years, and the big man now has official Twitter and Instagram accounts as well.

The Duke Nukem series, originated by 3D Realms, was highly popular in the early and mid-1990s. It started as a 2D side-scroller series, featuring the title character who was a parody of all those 1980s action movie heroes. It culminated in the release of Duke Nukem 3D in 1996, a first-person shooter that remains one of the best games ever made for that genre.

3D Realms then announced another FPS in the series, Duke Nukem Forever, but the game later became notorious for its many, many delays. In the end, the game finally was released in 2011, over a decade after it was first announced, and it was completed by Borderlands and Battleborn creators Gearbox Software. Gearbox later bought the full rights to the franchise, and its website shows that Duke Nukem's trademarks are owned by Gearbox Publishing.

So what will we get to see on Sept. 2? The speculation has already begun on the internet. with some people thinking it will be some kind of re-release, or perhaps a remake, of Duke Nukem 3D. Indeed, the site shows a "Happy 20th Anniversary" banner, even though the game itself celebrated its 20th birthday several months ago in January. Others believe that Gearbox plans to announce a collection of all of the Duke Nukem games. It's also possible we could get the reveal of an all new Duke Nukem game.

Gearbox is scheduled to hold a panel at the PAX West gaming event in Seattle on Sept. 2, around the time the countdown clock on the Duke Nukem site is set to reach zero. The panel description promises "never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises" so it seems likely that it will be the source of the big Duke Nukem reveal.

  • I'm honestly curious as to whether people still remember or care about, or will buy into Duke Nukem at all. It's been many years and not so many good games, to be honest. So we shall see if distorted nostalgia alone can make money off this.
  • We had Lan parties at a friends call center with dialup on the originals 1.x until our eyes bleed of radiation poisoning from old CRT monitors. And when we couldn't do that, we strung phone extensions around an entire apartment building and paid other tenants to use their lines after-hours. Anyways, played the last version and it brought back memories.
  • Oh the good ole days!!! "Shake it baby"
  • "You wanna dance?"
  • *tosses money*
  • Remains one of the best games in the genre? Really? I guess that means doom was awesome compared to Quake as well.
  • IMO, Quake I and Duke Nukem 3D are still two of the best FPS ever!
  • When I bought my first "real" computer I had to use a student loan for it. I made a promise I'd buy only two games EVER for it: Duke Nukem & MYST. Here we are 20+ years and hundreds of games later....
  • How can this possibly not turn out crappily?
  • Gearbox! Not Ubisoft or EA or Bungie or Dice.
  • But DNF was a streaming pile o fcrap, and it was made by Gearbox.
  • I actually really liked DNF for what it was but even for those who didn't, all Gearbox did was finish it off.
  • For the type of game (never mind the few bugs), it was not a bad game, there could of been any main guy and it would of been an OK game. The old 80's sexist sayings are old and outdated, it just didn't fit with the type of game. Chances are I will play the new game when/if it comes out but, I will not buy it new, I'll wait till it's discouted, it's just not a game (unless reviews give it ta 10/10) I will buy on opening day. The Duke Nukem thing is old now.
  • Saying DNF was crap - look at all greenlight on Steam, Early Access, AAA titles that don't work on release.
    Yeah... Tell me again what's crap.
  • I counter your argument with Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • word. A:CM was the final nail in the coffin for me to ever pre-order a game again.
  • Forever was the sandbox style but fun!
  • Duke Nukem for Windows mobile, it would be the perfect marrige. Big on promises, less on delivery. ;-)
  • Roflmao!!! Nail severely hit on head!!!!
  • I actually quite liked Manhattan Project.
  • If this is going to take as long as the last one then I'm going to be a grandfather once it's being released.
    And that is without even having children to begin with...
  • my favorite game finally returns!
  • Oh? What's it called?
  • I cant see Duke ever being popular in this day and age, the games media and wider press (now ruled by internet outrage machine) will shred it to pieces if it courts any kind of controversy and Duke is kinda boring if it's being very PC and lots of Duke spin-offs did that and were all instantly forgettable.
  • Duke Nukem 3D was awesome. Unfortunately, people today will not get it!
  • AAhhh... much better!
  • Yea, they should do the orginal game, with a FULL 4K HD upgraded graphics, I would buy that...
  • Yes, people want to relate themselves to heroes and what not these days, that's why we have so many mediocre and generic characters with boring stories. They feel inadequate even to humorous cliché character like Duke Nukem. It's just not entertaining anymore.
  • Honestly, the game doesn't have to be a visionary example of finely tuned mechanics, compelling and engaging story, or satisfying gameplay. It's Duke Nukem. It's a novelty at this point, and one I'm happy to play over and over again. It's like that guilty pleasure TV show or movie that wasn't particularly good but gosh darn if you don't know all the lines for it. And I'm all out of gum.
  • Hmm, don't have time to play with myself.
  • Put this series to bed already!
  • Duke is like the Expendable movies. Just too much fun
  • There is plenty of Duke to go around. :P
  • Hail To The King Baby! :)
  • Gearbox should learn from Bethesda... Bethesda brought in the new Doom and it is huh-mazing! 
  • Your face, your ***, what's the difference?!
  • DNF was terrible because it kept changing over the course of a decade (3 game engines before 3drealms died and gearbox took over and finished it). And over that decade it had no idea what kind of shooter it wanted to be. It was clear the game was very old school style but it seemed like the modern shooter mechanics were just pasted on. It was a mess.
  • Pre-ordered DNF collector edition - still have that bust in the box. joke's on me. Will wait a bit when/if this one comes out.
  • I loved the original Duke Nukem, Forever had way to much swearing in places where it didn't need it. Original is simply the best
  • Let's just hope this will not take another 10 to 15 years to develop.......
  • So we will see it released in time for Holiday 2029? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The Duke4 forums have been all over this for quite some time now. My understanding is that it is to be a heavy remix of the original Duke 3D, based on the original game but with a brand new renderer, new high-resolution assets and there will be a new episode as well. Richard Gobeille (aka TerminX, a fan who created the Eduke32 port and contributed heavily to the Megaton Edition remaster of DN3D) was originally involved in its development to some degree contributing code and consulting, but is now screwed out of royalties due to Gearbox pulling Duke Megaton Edition from Steam (to make way for this remix, presumably) and trying to gag him. Jon St. John has been brought back to re-voice the old lines and they have added new ones. According to TerminX, the old lines are phoned in and the new ones include such gems as "BAZINGA". Techraptor has a pretty compreshensive article on the whole deal. It's a mess.