Crackdown 3 full Xbox Achievements list revealed (update)

Crackdown 3
Crackdown 3 (Image credit: Microsoft)

Updated February 5, 2019: The list was updated with the multiplayer Xbox Achievements.

Crackdown 3 was supposed to launch many months ago, but was pushed back to February 15, 2019 to polish up the experience. Luckily, it looks like this release date will stick because it's available for digital preorder now through the Xbox Store. You can buy it for $59.99, or you can grab it with Xbox Game Pass, for $9.99 per month.

The full Xbox Live achievements list has now surfaced for the Xbox Play Anywhere version, spanning 70 challenges for 1,000 Gamerscore during the campaign, and an additional 12 challenges for 500 Gamerscore during multiplayer. Xbox Achievements originally complied this list.


Swipe to scroll horizontally
Sleeper Cells Activated10Advance any Skill to Level 3.
Feeling O.P. Yet?20Advance any Skill to Level 4.
Force To Be Reckoned With20Advance any Skill to Level 5.
All The Kills, All The Skills30Advance all Skills to Level 5.
Secondhand Shrapnel10Use a Deadeye head shot on a Logistics robot to kill another enemy with the resulting explosion.
Watching The World Burn20Terminate Katala Vargas, head of TerraNova's Industry division.
Cut Off At The Source10Terminate Reza Khan, TerraNova's Manufacturing boss.
Toxic Wasteland20Terminate Djimon Keita, TerraNova's Chemical boss.
Zen And The Art Of Payback20Terminate Kuli Ngata, head of TerraNova's Security division.
Specialist Agent20Advance any Skill to Maximum Level.
Overkill 10120Terminate Liv Sorensen, TerraNova's Enforcer boss.
Systematic Deconstruction20Terminate Alois Quist, head of TerraNova's Logistics division.
Permanent Pink Slip10Terminate Wilhelm Berg, TerraNova's Manpower boss.
Humanity FTW10Terminate ROXY, TerraNova's Monorail boss.
Hostile Takeover25Terminate Elizabeth Niemand in a game world set at any difficulty level.
Agents Fight Back5Clear out your first enemy asset.
Justice Has Been Served40Neutralize every enemy asset in New Providence in a single world.
Urban Mountaineer10Reach the top of Elizabeth Niemand's tower.
Lockdown Legend10Survive Elizabeth Niemand's final Lockdown.
That The Best You Got?10Defeat an enemy retaliation.
Power To The People10Mobilize a Civilian Militia.
Rooftop Master20Successfully complete all Rooftop Races with a single Agent.
Road Master20Successfully complete all Road Races with a single Agent.
The Ringer20Drive through every Stunt Ring in New Providence with a single Agent.
Killer Cure For A Pounding Headache10Demolish 5 enemies with a single Ground Pound.
Bull In A China Shop10Devastate 5 enemies with a single Flying Fist.
Demolition Derby5Blow up 5 cars within 5 seconds.
Fists Of BOOM10Use Melee to kill 5 enemies within 5 seconds.
Shot-Put Show-Off5Hurl an object other than a grenade at least 300 feet.
Orb Curious10Collect 100 Orbs of any type with a single Agent.
Orb Obsessed20Collect 500 Orbs of any type with a single Agent.
Orb Hunter30Collect every Agility Orb in New Providence with a single Agent.
Orb Master30Collect every Hidden Orb in New Providence with a single Agent.
Riding In Style10Obtain the Agency Vehicle.
Foot In The Door5Unlock your first Supply Point.
High Roller10Execute a 4 second jump in a vehicle.
Flirting With Disaster5Drive faster than 100mph for 5 seconds without hitting a wall or another car.
Roads? What Roads?10Drive the Agency Vehicle Spider Form on a wall above 3000 feet.
Drifting The Night Away10Sideswipe 10 enemy vehicles using the Agency Vehicle Lightning Form with a single Agent.
Dance, Fools!10Electrocute 3 enemies at once using the Arc Rifle.
Fun With Gravity10Catch 3 enemies with the Oblivion or Singularity grenade.
Just Making Sure10Unload an entire magazine of Decimator missiles on a single enemy.
Circle Of Life20Collect all Agent DNA Orbs.
Ignition Point Precision5Blow up a car by shooting or hitting its gas cap.
Come On, Walk It Off!5Incapacitate an enemy using Deadeye.
Just Getting Started5Advance any Skill to Level 2.
Corporate Raider25Terminate Elizabeth Niemand in a game world always set at Legendary difficulty.
Proof Of Life5Collect your first Agent DNA Orb.
Statues Of Liberty20Capture all Propaganda Towers in a single world.
Decommissioner10Complete all Manufacturing Objectives in a single world.
Eco Warrior20Complete all Chemical Objectives in a single world.
Freerunner20Complete all Rooftop Races at Silver Level or higher with a single Agent.
Gadget Freak10Unlock 10 gadgets with a single Agent.
Gold Medalist10Earn your first Gold Road or Rooftop Race medal.
Gun Collector10Unlock 10 weapons with a single Agent.
Gun Enthusiast10Unlock 20 weapons with a single Agent.
Jailbreaker5Complete a Prisoner Hardpoint.
Liberator20Complete all Prisoner Hardpoints in a single world.
Party Foul5Destroy a Monkey Moonshine Kiosk.
Peacemaker20Complete all Enforcer Objectives in a single world.
Party Police20Destroy all Monkey Moonshine Kiosks in a single world.
Monomania20Complete all Monorail Objectives in a single world.
Road Rockstar25Complete all Road Races at Gold Level with a single Agent.
Road Racer5Complete your first Road Race at Bronze or higher.
Rooftop Rockstar25Complete all Rooftop Races at Gold Level with a single Agent.
Rooftop Racer5Complete your first Rooftop Race at Bronze or higher.
Secret Agent5Hack a Surveillance Cache.
Silver Medalist10Earn your first Silver Road or Rooftop Race medal.
Super Sleuth20Hack all Surveillance Caches in a single world.
Wheelman20Complete all Road Races at Silver Level or higher with a single Agent.


Swipe to scroll horizontally
That's One!35Win a match.
Demolition Man30Deal a large amount damage to buildings in a single match.
Finding Your Rhythm40Win 20 matches.
Team Slayer50Kill an entire team in a single match.
A Ton Weight50Reach 100 Kills.
Arms Dealer50Get a kill with every weapon in a single match.
Hidden Or Dangerous50Complete a match without dying.
Smackdown25Get a melee kill.
Apex Hunter45Get MVP in Agent Hunter.
Hunter Gatherer40Collect 100 Badges.
The Landlord40Capture 100 Territories.
It's My Island45Get MVP in Territories.

In our preview, we said, "The towering environments Crackdown 3's collaborators have built for the game are gorgeous, made all the more exciting when you tear them down, explosion by explosion. We just hope that they're not relegated to gimmick status by the multiplayer systems layered on top of it, which at least for now, are indeed infectiously fun, but potentially lacking in staying power."

Are you excited for Crackdown 3? Let us know.

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