Crysis trilogy joins Xbox backward compatibility

Crysis (Image credit: EA)

Ever since Xbox One backward compatibility was announced, gamers have been asking for a few high-profile games. While the majority of requests revolve around the Call of Duty franchise, the Crysis trilogy has been another hot series. Today, Xbox Live's Director of Programming, Larry Hryb, announced that Crysis, Crysis 2, and Crysis 3.

Backward compatibility opens Xbox One to a huge variety of games, spanning three generations of Microsoft's consoles. Despite hardware differences, it remains an outstanding feature, allowing a select library of older games to be played on Xbox One. While the majority of them are Xbox 360 titles, there are also some original Xbox games in there.


Crysis starts off as a standard military shooter which tasks the player stopping North Korea from invading a small island. Unfortunately, events spiral out of control and you have to fend off an alien invasion.

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Crysis 2

Crysis 2 continues the story of the alien invasion and its aftermath. Instead of being stuck on an island, players have to defeat the invaders in New York City. The suit is the real star of the show here.

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 is the conclusion to the chaotic trilogy. It jumps forward by twenty years and introduces new threats. Luckily, the plot is resolved in a satisfactory manner. It's a shame Crysis 4 was never made.

Be sure to check out Crysis 3 in particular if you're a fan of the franchise. The Crysis games aren't just cult classics, they're also considered as some of the most technically advanced shooters ever made.

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