Om Nom returns in Cut the Rope 2, now available for free on Windows Phone

Remember the game Cut the Rope ? The adorable puzzler game with that ever so hungry critter named Om Nom? Well, he is back in the just released Cut the Rope 2 for Windows Phone. Sure, the iOS version came out in December 2013, but better late than never.

Like the previous Cut the Rope game, this new version brings tricky missions, medal earnings and fun gameplay for those who want a quick puzzle game. Let's see what is new.

Cut the Rope 2

  • ALL NEW LOCATIONS TO EXPLORE! Travel through an interactive map to discover new locations filled with candy collecting, rope cutting action.
  • ALL NEW CHARACTERS TO MEET! Find 6 new characters, the Nommies, to help you on your unexpected journey.
  • ALL NEW HATS TO BRAG ABOUT! Customize Om Nom, choose your favorite candy and select your finger traces.
  • ALL NEW ADVENTURES FOR OM NOM! Experience completely new graphics, sound and gameplay elements, including the ability to move Om Nom.
  • ALL NEW MISSIONS! Collect the perfect number of stars and strategically gather fruit to complete the mission in each level.

Cut the Rope 2 now available for free on Windows Phone


  • Roto can carry Om Nom to the best candy catching locations
  • Lick can make small bridges with his tongue to help Om Nom reach his goal
  • Blue can lift Om Nom to new levels of candy hunting fun
  • Toss can throw objects, including candy
  • Boo can scare Om Nom to jump to new heights
  • Snailbrow bravely rolls on walls and ceilings and pushes candies around, like a boss

Cut the Rope 2 is a 95 MB download, and it runs on Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1 devices, including those with 512 MB of RAM. Plus, it is free. Check out the trailer above and grab the game below.

Download Cut the Rope 2 for Windows Phone (Free)

Thanks, @sunco, for the tip!

QR: cut the rope 2

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  • Good to know that they haven't lost the hope in Win ecosystem.
  • The game received yet another update, same day as of it's launch.
  • Still needs updating, mine won't show up in the games hub.... Have to go to app or pin it... Shame..  
  • That's weird. I'm getting mine listed there.
    Actually, I never use the hub ever since the live folders came, I just went there now to check on the game :P
  • 1520 GDR2 here... Definitely won't show up in games hub.. Bummer
  • wasn't the original Xbox Live? =/
  • Yes
  • Yep, came here to make this exact comment.
  • No Xbox... :-/
  • Me too. Kinda disappointed.
  • But the original isn't free. It's cheap tho
  • The original had a trial, tho.
  • I don't care about trials when I can get the whole thing.
  • Yep and experiments(the 3rd game in series) was aswell
  • I had fun getting at the achievements in the other ones. Guess I just wont play. I know, it sounds like a stupid reason to some.
  • It's not an Xbox Live..
  • That is correct.
  • That's right. Whereas the first two Cut the Rope games on WP were Xbox enabled, this game marks the first time ever that ZeptoLab has released a non-Xbox game on WP. And, to further throw salt in the wound, this comes nearly 1.5 years after the game launched on iOS, so all those people who claimed that third-party developers ditching Xbox certification was a good thing since it would magically result in simultaneous releases with iOS and Android have, once again, been proven wrong (that type of simultaneous launch will never happen, so we might as well at least get Xbox Live integration to offset the delay). Thus, there is #SaveXboxWP, details here.
  • Whats really sad is it was released out of order as experiments was released after number 2
  • Can I just ask as I have seen lots of people complaining about no xbox live, what is the big deal about having that does it have any more features?
  • This thread here explains what the big deal is about having Xbox Live.
  • I have read it but I still don't understand the benefits of having live on a windows game
  • Simple answer: Playing games without achievements is just not fun anymore. I very rarely play anything if there's no cheevos. I can play IRL board/card-games, but videogames or mobile games without Live? No way...
  • @Toni - that is really sad. I play games because I enjoy games. I don't care about achievements (although I have more than everyone I know) and I definitely don't care about leaderboards (full of cheats). They're nice to have, but in no way essential. I have far, far, too many games to play to worry about little bonuses I'll probably never have time to get anyway!
  • What's sad is all the judmental people on here. So some people enjoy the meta-game that are Xbox achievements. You're better than them because you don't care and just play games for games? Your condescending, saying your way of enjoying games is better than his way of enjoying games. It's akin to a non-gamer coming and telling you that you playing videogames is "really sad" and that you should be visiting museums or reading books instead.
  • Calm your tits. It's really sad "playing games without acievements is just not fun anymore". He said he used to enjoy something, like the game for the sake of the game, but now all of the colour and enjoyment is gone. It's always sad when we can't enjoy things like we used to. I think you are confusing "really sad" with "you are a sad person" instead of "it is a situation that makes me feel sad". It's more akin to someone saying they used to read books all the time but now they can only enjoy collecting stamps. There's nothing wrong with collecting stamps, but it's not a nice situation to not being able to enjoy reading anymore..
  • Your opening sentence is offensive, on many levels. The rest of your paragraph is naively judmental. He said he used to enjoy something and now he enjoys something else. There is nothing wrong with that. Let him enjoy what he enjoys without condescendingly telling him how "really sad" it is (also, in your "it's a situation that makes me feel sad" example, you are still passing judgment). If a bookworm becomes a philatelist because he now enjoys philately more than reading, so what? It doesn't affect you so don't judge him.
  • It is only offensive to you because you misread it. If someone said "my father just died" and I said "that is really sad" would you say that's offensive? That's exactly how I meant it, and if you want to get your knickers in a twist over it, that's your own problem. You should really get off your bloody high horse. In case you hadn't noticed, we're on a public forum where people express their personal opinions. Those opinions don't necessarily agree with each other, but that's all part of the conversation. Somehow daring to take part in the conversation means I'm being 'judgemental'. By your own reasoning I can't express ANY opinion, either positive or negative, without it being a judgement of some kind. If you want to take someone expressing sympathy and giving their own opinion as 'condescending', well that's your own personal issue. You accuse me of being judgemental and condescending, but you might want to look in the bloody mirror. Pot. Kettle.
  • I didn't misread the situation; you did, as is evident by the false analogy you employed to defend it. Toni wasn't revealing a "sad" situation, like his father dying, that was in need of pity. He was merely stating the fact that he outgrew something he previously enjoyed and now enjoys a different form of that. You replied by calling that "really sad" (it's not) and then proclaiming that you "play games because [you] enjoy games", which is an odd thing to say unless you're insinuating something more, and then declared the thing he enjoyes most about gaming to be "in no way essential". I'm not on a high horse. I'm on the ground, pulling egomaniacs off their high horses. I have only one ideology and that is that the only thing I don't tolerate is intolerance. Any other ideology is bound to be caught in a hypocrisy logic trap. An opinion being a "judgment" is not the same thing as being "judgmental". Again, the fact that you were "expressing sympathy" for a situation that doesn't require sympathy is exactly why your post was judgmental. Bloody mirros, pots, and kettles? Keep your cliches in your handbag. Calling out intolerance is the only acceptable form of intolerance.
  • I'm tired of repeating myself. Me saying "that is really sad" was a true expression of sympathy for the situation. He merely stated one simple thing and I found sadness in the situation - it doesn't matter that you don't feel the same/interpret the situation the same way, as your opinion on how I felt is quite irrelevant. It was only ever a minor comment that you blew completely out of proportion to portray me as the 'bad guy' so you can feel morally superior. You aren't the Comment Police and it really doesn't matter if you think my true intentions were appropriate or not. Interpret it how you like, twist this conversation to be all about how "offensive it was", I really don't give a damn. At the end of the day, you and I both know that it doesn't matter what I say - my opinion is different to yours and your ego simply can't handle that. You want to squash ANY opinion that even suggests that XBL Achievements aren't important because it undermines your own values. Every conversation that ever comes up about XBL Achievements winds up with you trying to stifle it to suit your opinion. This isn't a conversation, it isn't even a debate, and I am done with it.
  • You're repeating yourself because you're not listening--merely letting your emotions paralyze your reading comprehension skills. Let me reiterate. The fact that you even thought it was "really sad" that his tastes shifted from gaming as you enjoy it to gaming as he now enjoys it is not a situation in need of sympathy. That you continue to think that is exactly why your comments are condescending. Furthermore, that you think it's is "only ever a minor comment" reveals your obliviousness to that. I don't think you're a "bad guy"; I think you're naive and self-centered. Here is an example of that: "You want to squash ANY opinion that even suggests that XBL Achievements aren't important because it undermines your own values." If that's what you're taking out of this then you're still not getting it. I could not care less who thinks XBL achievements are important and who doesn't. That is actually the exact opposite of what I'm arguing: I'm arguing for tolerance. Those who enjoy XBL achievements are right and are entitled to not having people judge them. Those who don't enjoy XBL achievements are also right and are also entitled to not having people judge them. What's an example of the former? It's someone from the latter camp hijacking someone from the former camp's comment just to let him know how "really sad" it is that he's in the former camp and not the latter camp. So that this is clear, let me simplify it and reiterate it again: any time I come to defense of someone who has stated a preference for XBL achievements has nothing to do with my own thoughts about the merits or demerits of XBL achievements and only about my intolerance for intolerance, coming to the defense of someone who was attacked by naive, egocentric others for holding his views. That, I do not tolerate and never will. It's the only ideology that facilitates tolerance.
  • No, I am only repeating myself because you don't understand simple concepts. What you think I implied and what I actually said are two entirely different things. What you think I meant, how you think I am being, what my attitude is or was is your own perception, not reality. You are the one that is failing to grasp simple logic and reasoning. Whether you think a situation deserves sympathy is simply irrelevant. It was given, that's the end of it, so I am not going to discuss it again. It is such bullshit that you are 'arguing for tolerance' as you would be hounding half of the other members here in every article with your stupidity. I didn't "hijack" anything or "attack" anyone either. Stop being so dramatic. I replied to a comment that I thought I could add to with a differing opinion. That's what the whole purpose of this comment system is. Hijacking it would be talking about something entirely unrelated to the comment. You're the one who's gone off on a bloody tangent about all this bollocks when it's an article about a goddamn game. I wasn't even replying to you originally and, as I said before, you aren't the Comment Police and people can fight their own battles. You're not a White Knight, you're not "defending" anyone and you're certainly not a Bastion of Tolerance (as you are the only one being intolerant here). He didn't even reply to say he was upset or offended, and nor was I abusive in any way - it's only you that's misinterpreted things and only you that's trying to chide me with your holier-than-thou attitude. Your arrogance knows no bounds and you can shove it. What is really sad is that this is the second time we've had such pointless arguments (perhaps a year or so ago?). Even then you had a real problem with the word "sad" which just means you have a lot of personal issues to work through. It's clearly a trigger word for you, but I'm not here to help someone so conceited through his childhood traumas on a tech site. Tolerance goes both ways - if you can't even handle one person having a contrary view to yours, its probably best to stay off the Internet.
  • You are the one failing to understand simple concepts. Here it is again, as simplified as it can get.   “What you think I implied and what I actually said are two entirely different things.” No, they’re not. I’m basing my responses on what you said were your own intentions, which, according to you, were as an “expression of sympathy for the situation”. Are you denying having written that? Scroll up. Offering sympathy for situations that don’t require sympathy is always condescending, regardless of intention. It is you passing judgment on a situation and deeming it “really sad” when, in fact, there is nothing sad about it. Calling something that somebody else enjoys "really sad" is patronizing.   “Whether you think a situation deserves sympathy is simply irrelevant”. It’s absolutely relevant. Context is everything, as you inadvertently revealed with your false analogy that equated offering condolences for the death of one’s father (a situation that, normally but not always, deserves sympathy) with someone outgrowing one hobby for a different hobby (a situation where, normally but not always, giving unsolicited sympathy is, in fact, patronizing, regardless of intention).   “I replied to a comment that I thought I could add to with a differing opinion”. Please explain how telling someone, without solicitation, that the things they enjoy are “really sad” and “in no way essential” is adding to their discussion. Or, better yet, don't explain it and, instead, reflect on that notion until the light bulb comes on.   “I wasn't even replying to you originally.” And neither was he to you. Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t dish out opinions if you can’t handle criticism.   “[Y]ou are the only one being intolerant here”. Nope. Logic 101. Intolerance of intolerance is the only acceptable form of intolerance. Your original comment was judgmental, belittling a group of people with different hobbies than you. Worse yet, you’re oblivious to how condescending you are being. I’ll call that out every time. He didn't tell you that the way you spend your free time is "really sad" and "in no way essential". Only you did that.   “He didn't even reply to say he was upset or offended”. He doesn’t have to. I did. Things you say to some people can still offend other people.   “Tolerance goes both ways - if you can't even handle one person having a contrary view to yours, it’s probably best to stay off the Internet.” That is precisely the entire point of my ideology—the only ideology that I hold. Ironically, you think you are following that ideology when, in fact, you are violating it with your judgmental posts. As I said before, intolerance of intolerance is the only acceptable form of intolerance. Allowing one person to belittle another group of people, intentionally or not, violates that principle.   “What is really sad is that this is the second time we've had such pointless arguments.” If that is true, it doesn't surprise me because you let emotion trump reason; your obstinacy precludes reflection, which only furthers the cycle of intolerance you’re guilty of. And, as that violates the one principle I have, I no doubt wouldn't have let it fly then either.
  • @coip - that is really sad.
  • It's not. The world is nowhere near as lugubrious as you perceive it. Maybe you should go adopt a puppy.
  • I guess that one flew right over your head. I'm not surprised.
  • It didn't. It was just tediously clichéd.
  • Sad.
  • Judgmental.
  • Mental.
  • That's still judgmental.
  • Observation :)
  • 君は子供っぽい。
  • కాబట్టి మీరు ఉంటాయి. ಠ_ಠ
  • やっぱり、チンプンカンプンだった。君は本当に子供っぽい。
  • You might want to work on your PC skills there, bub. The language was Telugu. ಠ_ಠ is a very common emoticon.
  • 知らない言語を読むのはパソコンの能力と関係ないから、そう書いてあってチンプンカンプンで君は大人げないと思う。
  • 誰もがGoogleの翻訳を使用する方法を知っています。そうです、それはPCのスキルを行うにはすべてを持っています。
  • That was pretty painful. I'll switch to English because at least you are literate in it. First of all, if you think that copying and pasting something into Google equates to computer skills, you have the weakest definition of computer skills I've ever heard. Second of all, machine translation sucks, as is evident by your failure to both comprehend what I wrote and, even worse, the painfully obvious machine translated reply you regurgitated back out. Third, and most importantly, Google sucks; anyone who knows anything about spyware and consumer privacy would never use it. But, I suppose it's not surprising for someone who equates Ctrl+V with being skilled at the computer to also think that machine translation of East Asian languages is satisfactory (it's not) and that Google would be the best place to do it (it's not). Given the naivete you've displayed in previous exchanges, though, none of this is surprising.
  • Yes, yes, all very obvious knowledge. I am well-travelled and painfully aware of how bad the translations can be. I only suggested you had weak PC skills as you were unable to translate an unknown language and everyone knows how to use Google Translate (or similar). Someone who can't even Ctrl+V would be unskilled, no? :P I don't speak or read Japanese (well, I learnt some basics in Primary School) so of course I will rely on a translator to do so. It's not perfect by any means, but it does the job. Anyway, you really are quite humourless, far too easy to bait, and I tire of this petty exchange. We've learned nothing, gained nothing, and I really don't care anymore. Farewell, Mr Kettle.
  • That you concluded from my refusal to use Google Translate that I therefore didn't know how to use Ctrl+V really makes me question your deductive reasoning skills. I explained why I didn't use Google Translate (1. it sucks, 2. Google sucks). Ironically, you drew that conclusion based on the crappy data spit back to you from Google Translate based on my Japanese post, and it was obvious from your response that Google Translate failed you, as your response indicated your did not understand the nuances of what I posted. So, no. It didn't "do the job". It actually did the opposite of that--it misled you, gave you an incorrect translation, and wasted both of our time. You would think that someone with such amazing "PC skills" as yourself would be aware of all that. Humor is subjective. Regardless, I'm not here to entertain you. I'm here to call you out on your bullshit. You failing to learn is the product of your own shortcomings.
  • Your logic is bad and you should feel bad.
  • My logic is sound, and I feel great.
  • There are financial and social rewards to Xbox Live. I cannot simplify it any further.
  • Better late than never
  • This is sad.... Only shows how much of an afterthought WP is to devs. 2 years later like "oh crap, we didn't release this for WP!"
  • Better late than never, I suppose.
  • Because this game has lost its heat on other platforms. Looks like the devs are trying to make a few more pennies from this old stuff.
  • Totally Agreed.
  • Nice said
  • 95 MB!!!
  • I love cut the rope. A great use of a small touch screen.
  • Finally
  • No Xbox live
  • I'd only play this if it was xbox live. Damn I'm gutted.
  • It's just as enjoyable without them
  • Where is Xbox live?
  • Lol
  • Lol
  • OMG, I can't believe it!!!!!!
    I used to expected for a long time to more CTR games to become available to WP that I already have lost the hope! CTR is one of my favorite games all the time!
  • Is it available in Brazil? :D
  • Yes, it is. :)
  • Crash Team Racing?!
  • Yes, it is late, and no, it's not Xbox Live linked. But let's also not lose sight of the fact that the Cut the Rope games are pretty good, and in this case, it's also free for the whole game! I think the cost makes up for the minor shortcomings. Thanks, Zeptolabs! Big fan here.
  • Here too.
  • There are still some good people in the world!
  • Finally, no Xbox? No problem! Till now I don't know what is the importance of Xbox's Achievements!
  • Me neither. The only use for xbox live is for people to bitch and moan on blog comments when the game is lacking it.
  • This thread explains the importance of Xbox achievements.
  • It caters to people who love useless points that mean nothing.
  • Hmmm thanks
  • Well aren't you judmental and misinformed. The points actually do mean something, both financially and socially. Financially, they result in increased cash rewards from Xbox Live Rewards. Socially, they contribute to the social gaming experience by creating a meta-game of point accumulation among friends, and also facilitate competition among friends, both within games and across games. Know reality.
  • Hmmmm Thanks u
  • They were factored into xbl rewards on how much you got back from game mp video mp
  • (y)
  • No Xbox achievements? I'll pass.
  • What's that, like getting paid to play a game so you won't play it?  Are you serious?
  • Then why is the 1 and Exp lab for 99 cents :/
  • Probably because there are no IAP in those games.
  • Xbox Live achievements too. Those games are definitely worth a buck each
  • Don't hate start improvising. #4stars
  • Perhaps I'll wait two years to download this game since they waited two years to bring it to WP.
  • Wonderful. A great way to encourage investment of any kind in your platform. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • Cause that helps..
  • I like the character.  Dude is so cheesed off when he doesn't get the candy.  lol.
  • Now it has been a very long wait, but the game has finally found it's way to WP. It works as a charm.
  • I love the way this games and apps are hitting WP. I guess Win 10 is really going to make a large impact.
  • Wish we had King of Thieves for Windows Phone.
  • Superb amazing
  • Free!
  • +930, because it's free.
  • And now Plants vs. Zombies 2 ;-)
  • I'm almost 33, but I still love the cute animations for OmNom
  • Disappointed that it does have live. Also disappointed that they haven't updated the other two apps with the latest levels.
  • If it was early 2014, this would've gotten a lot more buzz. A lot of devs keep making that same mistake. At least its here, I can appreciate that.
  • No Xbox ? WTF....
  • Re-tweet, let them know you want #Xboxlive    
  • Thanks for the info.  First one was a fun game.
  • No Xbox live :(
  • Nothing to see here - moving on swiftly...
  • y are we still surprised? lol.
    better late than never rather sounds degrading to the platform for me. but we can't do anything about WP being treated as last option.
    i'm waiting for the plague inc. tho!
  • Nom nom nom nom.
  • I bought the 3ds compilation a while ago was mad they included a Android key
  • No Xbox... You should have mentioned that little fact in the title...
  • Oh yea! Better late than never... And it's free!
  • Wow gonna give it a try.....definitely
  • Can't download it. Anyone knows why? The process won't start...
  • i have the same Problem. Download seems to start, but never comes into the phase of installing.
  • i have the same problemits coming up as owned, but i just cant seem to download it properly. have tried downloading it on wifi and 4g but never comes, i get a pop up saying try again later. have tried installing this about 10 times now and am getting a bit p***ed off. if anyone has a solution or if the developer can contact me that would be great
  • it is still a great game. Thank you Devs :)
  • Pudding monsters zeptolab!