Check out these $2175 diamond-encrusted Lumia 950 covers from Damiani

The jewelled leather covers come in white and black and reminisce of Mozo Accessories' covers, adding gold rings and ten brilliant cut diamonds for good measure. Each case also comes with a numbered gold plate to show off the fact only 99 will exist.

The limited edition covers will set fashion-conscious purchasers back a whopping €1,950 EUR, which is around $2175 USD and £1500 GBP by current exchange rates. For now, the covers are only available to purchase in Italy via Damiani's boutiques in Rome and Milan.

Carlo Purassanta, chief executive officer of Microsoft Italy, remarked that the designs were a celebration of Damiani's jewellery and Microsoft's technology:

"The collaboration with Damiani is the celebration of excellence, creativity and design, Damiani jewellery and Microsoft technology."

Damiani's Giorgio Damiani offered similar praise, describing the diamond encrusted Lumia 950 as a 'jewel for life':

"We are so particularly proud to offer our customers a phone that has the ability to turn into a jewel for life as well a an after sales service dedicated to our partner for clients that buy the smartphone."

The Damiani Lumia 950 will also ship with special packaging, and some early owners have been showing off the cover on Instagram:

(via chiaramizzi)

(via steinerboy)

Italy and Europe have proven to be mainstays of Windows Phone user ship, but I think even the biggest Lumia fans among us might think twice at that price tag. Would you consider picking up one of these covers? Let us know in the comments.

Source: WWD

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