Danger Zone hits Xbox One this fall, native 4K on Xbox One X

Three Fields Entertainment, a studio formed three years ago by Criterion Games co-founders, has announced that Danger Zone is on its way to Xbox One this fall. After a release on both PS4 and PC earlier this year, the game will make its debut on the console around the launch of the Xbox One X, sporting enhancements that leverage its additional resources.

Inspired by Burnout's "Crash Mode," a concept previously developed under Criterion's roof, Danger Zone attempts to capture the same level of chaos in a condensed package. Returning to the team's roots, the game blends arcade puzzle gameplay with hectic automotive action, challenging players to cause the biggest pile ups among traffic.

Although Danger Zone released with mixed reviews at launch, many praised the game for its depth and beauty of crash effects. Hopefully, with the Xbox One X version, these should be notably improved if paired alongside the promise of native 4K resolution. On top of the original content, all Xbox One owners will also be receiving twelve new levels and three new cars at launch.

For now, Three Fields has just guaranteed Danger Zone's Xbox arrival "this fall," with more details to follow. If the game is priced similarly to other platforms, the title is expected to ship for $12.99 over Xbox Live.

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Matt Brown

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