Deadfall Adventures and more games join Xbox backward compatibility

This week is no different as 0 day Attack on Earth, Deadfall Adventures, Girl Fight, Mutant Storm Reloaded, and Yosumin! LIVE are joining the service. Many of these games are great experiences so if you own them on Xbox 360, be sure to check them out on Microsoft's newer console.

0 day Attack on Earth places you in battles set over actual areas in modern metropolitan cities. Take flight in one of eight futuristic aircraft as you help repel humongous enemies. Can you save the planet from the invaders? We'll just have to find out if you have the skills.

Deadfall Adventures is a first-person shooter which places you in the boots of an Indiana Jones-like character. You play as James Lee Quatermain, descendant of the legendary adventurer Allan Quatermain. Reluctantly, Quatermain agrees to help the American government find a powerful artifact before the Nazis or the Russians can get their hands on it. Sound familiar? You explore temples and other ruins in your quest which takes you around the globe.

Girl Fight is one of the most unique games out there. During the story, you follow the journey of eight fierce women with psychic powers who battle each other within a secret government research facility. You can engage in hand-to-hand combat but you can also use psychic powers to destroy your opponents. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Mutant Storm Reloaded is a thrilling shooter where you have to blast your way through a mutant-filled room. The goal is to save humanity so, you know, no pressure. Collect weapon upgrades, earn bonuses for clearing an area quickly, and don't forget to use the architectural obstacles to your advantage.

Lastly, Yosumin! LIVE is a puzzle game along the lines of Bejeweled. The aim is to find rectangles of matching tiles and make them disappear. The goal is to make massive rectangles and go from there.

This week brings a lot of games but be sure to check out Deadfall Adventures if you're interested in experiencing some Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One. Who doesn't want to be like Indiana Jones, right? The game is actually a free Games with Gold title for November so you don't even have to purchase it if you own an Xbox Live Gold membership.

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Asher Madan

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