Deadpool game is 30% off today for Xbox One owners

Microsoft is in day two of its year-end Xbox Countdown digital game sale, and today's daily deals include three Xbox 360 games and two Xbox One titles, including one based on a Marvel Comics character that's getting his own movie in February.

Yep, the fourth-wall breaking Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, got an Xbox One version of its older Xbox 360 game earlier this year, and you can get it until December 24 from the Xbox Store for $34.99, a 30% discount. Here's the full list of the daily deals:

Xbox 360

Xbox One

Keep in mind that paid Xbox Live Gold members get an additional 10% discount for all games that are a part of the Xbox Countdown sale.

Source: Major Nelson

  • Marvel games, how about marvel vs capcom games to add backwards compatibility to the mix...
  • I would love that. Unfortunately, with the rights situation the way it is, I don't expect it will ever happen.
  • Or buy a used 360 disc for $5. (Deadpool)
  • Not everyone likes physical, or used.
  • Or money.
  • Thats what I did! Great game BTW
  • At $5 or even $10 it is great, at $34 there is not enough there to justify the cost which is pumped up simply due to the upcoming movie.
  • The Swindle is totally worth that amount. Good looking, challenging game.
  • I Love Disc and used, Cheaper
  • I hope some marvel games for WP10 also come in future
  • I love Deadpool, but this game was horrible and riddled with bugs :(
  • Should be 70% off for Christmas sake.
  • The deadpool game is awesome can't stop playing it