Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD tower defense game is today's myAppFree deal

The game offers plenty of time-tested turrets to dispatch your enemies, a variety of landscapes and special defensive attacks to draw upon. Graphics are full of detail, and if gameplay is too easy, Defense Zone 3 has four difficulty levels to keep you challenged.

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD normally costs $2.99. However, with the help of a myAppFree promotion, you can pick up Defense Zone 3 HD free during the next 24 hours. It is an intense tower defense style game and a challenging way to pass the time. The myAppFree deal only adds to the game's appeal.

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD is an anticipated sequel to the popular action and strategy game Defense Zone 2 (opens in new tab), and it incorporates many of the defensive weapons its predecessor offered. The Windows 10 game also adds a number of new weapons, bringing the total number of defensive turret types to eight.

Additional features include:

  • Eight levels of gameplay.
  • Four difficulty levels.
  • Eight special attacks, including air strikes and nuclear missiles.
  • An assortment of landscapes to defend with varied seasons.

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD offers a nice balance of defensive positions, armaments and enemy types to test your skills at strategy, combat management and patience. The graphics are top notch and full of detail, and the pace of play keeps the game from growing stale. Defense Zone 3 is a Windows 10 title with potential and a nice addition to this gaming series. If you have been on the fence about pulling the trigger on Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD, now is your chance to pick up a fun game and save a little money along the way.

Unfortunately, while taking this Windows 10 game out for a test drive, I had trouble getting the Windows 10 Mobile version to load, often requiring an reinstallation to get the game going. In reviewing the Store description, it says a GB of video memory and a mouse is required. The Windows 10 PC version ran smoothly, and I suspect the Mobile version simply needs an update to get it on the right track.

Download Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)


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  • 700mb???? 😱😐😑
  • 700mb???? 😱😐😑 It nearly gave me a heart attack when i started downloading it in my mobile network....
  • There's a safety in place that reminds you.
  • Safety? What do u mean? Can u explain?
  • Really, really great game! I'm playing DZ2 and it becomes quite chalenging after 6 or 7 levels.
    Thanks to developer!
  • Download button goes to Defense Zone 2
  • Yeah.... For me too at first.... Click on the link given before myappfree description....
  • Too bad I generally suck at tower defense.
  • Is it available for Nokia Lumia 520??
  • Not free in US....
  • thank you for posting this! I have 1 and 2 but never heard about 3, it looks amazing. I love this game :)
  • 3 was just released. I mean JUST released. Awesome game, too. I have 1, 2, and now 3. I've even got the developer's "Magic Paint" app for my 4 year old girl to play with on our Windows tablet.
  • loving this game!!!