Dell has a new monitor at CES 2017. But it's no ordinary monitor. This is the Dell Canvas, which brings the low-profile touch-interactive concept of the Microsoft Surface Studio to any PC.

Let's talk specs. The Dell Canvas is a 27-inch IPS panel, with a more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio at a 2560x1440 QHD resolution. That's nowhere near as impressive as the Surface Studio's incredible display, but it's still fully functional, not to mention a lot less expensive. Dell's targeting the spring arrival of the Windows 10 Creators Update for release (expected arrival is March 30) with a hefty $1,799 price tag.

That price does get you more than just a touch display. It has full pen support (including a handy magnetic dock) and a pair of "Totems", essentially Dell's take on a Surface Dial. It works exactly the same way — you drop it onto the display and you get an array of tools depending on the app. The Canvas can also function something like a hub for your Windows 10 device, packing mini-HDMI, USB-C, and full-size USB ports.

While the Dell Canvas doesn't quite measure up to the high mark set by the Surface Studio, it's also potentially more versatile — since it doesn't have a computer attached to it, you can set it up with your existing computer (Dell's demo was running off an XPS 15 paired with a curved ultra-wide monitor). We really like the Surface Studio, but there's no denying it's not the most powerful computer you can get. With a Dell Canvas, you can have both.