Dell tackles XPS 15 (9570) coil whine noise in new BIOS update

There are few things more annoying than coil whine – the high-pitched noise your laptop's processor can sometimes make when under heavy load – when you're sitting down to get some work done or gaming. But if you're using Dell's XPS 15 (9570), the days of coil whine may be behind you, if the laptop's latest BIOS update does the trick.

Dell this week began shipping out a new BIOS update for the XPS 15 that claims to "mitigate coil whine noise." It's possible that some may still remain under particularly heavy loads, but it will hopefully solve most issues that owners have been running into thus far.

In any case, if you've been gritting your teeth every time you hear that whine pierce through your ears, you can give the update a shot by grabbing it from Dell's driver download site now. Simply download the update file and run it from your desktop. The update utility will then shut your PC down, flash the BIOS, and then reboot back into Windows.

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