The new Dell XPS 15 (9560) with NVidia GTX 1050 goes on sale, ships later this month

Dell was quiet on dates and availability for their refreshed XPS 15 (9560) with GTX 1050 video card and 7th Generation Intel 'Kaby Lake' processor. We did hear a vague "by the end of the month" when we spoke with them at CES, but that is now getting clearer as their site is now taking orders.

So far, just two variants are being offered with the non-touch (Full HD) and touch (4K UHD) both with Core i7 processors. Users can configure the storage a bit, but not yet with the more affordable rapid-hybrid storage system.

Starting at $2,249 you can get a Core i7, GTX 1050, 1TB SSD, 16GB of RAM, and 4K display. For $1,749 that drops to a 512GB SSD with the Full HD display. If ordered today, those devices should ship within 16-20 days according to Dell. However, there could be some delays as production comes online.

Many more SKUs are expected in the coming weeks bringing the bottom price down to $999 for the Core i3 version with hybrid storage. Additionally, the Microsoft Store will likely carry two versions of the laptop at a later time in addition to Best Buy.

Update: Dell has updated their buy page now with all SKUs and configuration options!

For those outside the US, you can also order the new XPS 15 starting in about two weeks.

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We'll be reviewing the new XPS 15 (9560) in the coming weeks when Dell makes the device available to reviewers. For now, you can read our full write-up on what's new with this latest iteration on my favorite 15-inch laptop.

Thanks, Tom O., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • If only there was fullHD with touch.
    Also why is there no numpad? I see plenty of space on the 15" model.
  • Do you want the optical drive aswell? :)
  • What's an optical drive?
  • DVD/CD etc. My old Toshiba has one. You don't seem them often because they take a buttload of space and it's all about being portable.
  • Sorry Zach.  I forgot to put a "/S" at the end.
  • Some of us just don't need 4k... Also the numpad is a nice feature to have, isn't it?
  • FullHD w/touch...add that, Dell ;)
  • The more I see of this laptop, the more I want it. It's so effing gorgeous
  • Hello. I was really hoping this version would get the 2 in 1 upgrade too. Everything about it is fantastic but I'll hold off on getting it until I can convert it into a tablet.
  • Any idea when will this be sold at Micrsoft stores?
  • I almost pulled the trigger on that but it's probably better to wait for the Thinkpad models and whatever Microsoft does with Surface in the next few months before spending $1700-2300
  • No Windows Hello then? :/
  • Suppose to be a fingerprint sensor that's compatible this refresh.
  • There's an optional fingerprint reader for Windows Hello but no IR camera for facial recognition which is quite a bummer for the high end product like this. Cmon Dell it's 2017!
  • Should I replace my Razer Blade with this XPS 15?
  • No if u are using the 14" GTX 1060 version.
  • Awesome PC, again I say very awesome. But what about Windows hello? hello!
  • @Daniel, by the comment that MS Store, in addition to Best Buy, will carry "two versions," does that mean only two SKUs or the two variants, e.g. FHD and UHD with multiple SKUs of each type?
  • They usually do FHD and 4K; but we'll have to see what they choose this time
  • No full size keyboard? What a waste of space.
  • Try it in person; feels about the size of any other 15 inch laptop on the market. I've used 17 inch laptops with smaller keyboards than the XPS 15.
  • Hello guys, big fan of win10. I wanna get a new laptop that would be good for everything (personal use, gaming and some editing on shopify and manage mu business), can any of you recommend the best laptop that would be good for this with window hello but not too expensive.
  • SO the lack of the fingerprint sensor sucks i thought these were to have the FP reader as an option. i like the $1200 i5 config not bad  i think dell should add a QHD model or do like lenovo matte incell touch. I still want this ill just wait a bit and see if FP becomes available and maybe for a sale.  
  • I am having XPS 15  2011 edition with i7 2630QM, 16 GB RAM. It is killing almost all new machines in terms of performance...was just guessing how this new i7 7700 will be. My current i7 2630 QM have turbo boost upto 2.8 GHz. The newer i7 7700 have base frequency 2.8 GHz !!!
  • I agree my XPS L502x with an i5 2400M with 8Gb ram and a SSD runs smoother than my T440 with i5 4300u but maybe it needs more ram yet.  
  • I was considering a return of my 13R3 OLED Alienware laptop for this but the price would have been $800 more for some thing similarly equipped.  I know they are in different segments but I can't justify the price increase for more portability.  Bummer...
  • Is the HDMI 2.0 ? I'm having some issues with my Razer Blade 1060 I might return it for this Dell