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Design your own controller with the Xbox Design Lab [Update: It's live]

If you're bored of the same old Xbox One controller, Microsoft is about to change that. Announced at E3, the Xbox Design Lab claims to make the controller that you design.

We didn't get much else in the way of details, just a quick trailer showing off an array of weird, wonderful and downright wacky color combinations. One we'll be keeping a close eye on in the run up to the Xbox One S launch!

Update; The Xbox Design Lab is now live for the starting price of $79.99{.nofollow}, with shipments to begin in September.

See at Xbox Design{.cta .shop.nofollow}

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  • Nice to see they bought over the customized Zune originals idea to the Xbox one controller.
  •  l love it when people tie something new back to Zune, even if it isn't the slightest bit related. I still have my Zune HD and a couple of the little ones, although I haven't used them for a while now. Someday, there needs to be a Zune fanfest. It wouldn't require a very big space, but it would be a hoot.
  • It's very related, being able to customize your Xbox one controller in a similar fashion the same way you could customize your Zune player not through some guy in his garage but through the manufacturer itself. If M$ one day allows you to customize your microsoft mouse, keyboard, band 3, surface hub, Surfacebook or surface pro the same way, then you will have another comment from me on that news that you can love even more.
  • I <3 Zune!
  • To bad its missing the zune originals tax free pricing
  • As a consolation, if I don't pick up the Xbox One S, I'm totally gonna get a custom controller!!
  • when i am able too i am definitely getting one for my pc :P (since i there is a wireless adapter) it would be cool to spend all day on fifa 17 :P
  • It's bluetooth so no wireless adapter needed.
  • All depends on your PC setup. Personal I chose to rip out my single band + bt mini card & replaced it with a dualband Wi-Fi mini card instead
  • Loving those colors. My sister and I are both stoked for the customization.
  • I just created controller on there and was disappointed that there was no option to add text on it like in the video, but once I clicked "save & finish" it just took me back to and there was nothing in my cart, so I'm guessing it might not be finished yet? Edit: changed region to US and it's let me onto the 2nd page after signing in which has the laser engraving option which costs an extra $9.99! Either way not available in UK right now, so assuming US only for the time being.
  • Lol not even aw does that outside US
  • I really hope this is available across Europe... 'cause I'd absolutely get a black & midnight-blue one. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If not, hit me up and I'll ship it your way. You could just PayPal me the money for the controller + shipping.
  • I would like that. Have sent you a PM.
  • Is this based on the new streamlined controller of the One S? I might just get this for my PC since it has bluetooth
  • Once again, why does it have to be US only T_T
  • Because Microsoft, that's why.
  • Yup. Because "Microsoft". It's really stupid business-decisions like these that end up putting the PlayStation as the Supreme Leader of consoles in Europe. I remember Microsoft "promising" that they'd focus more in Europe with the Xbox but so far...  And this is the sort of thing that is NOT difficult to offer. Even if they removed the engraving in Europe, we could still get the colour options. It's not like Microsoft is allowing you to put your own photos on the controller or anything. All they needed was to have supplies and assemble the controllers according to the orders. But no. That'd be asking too much of Microsoft, apparently.
  • Made in <insert lowcost Asian territory here>, only ships to the USofA.  Classic Microsoft.
  • Available in Canada as well.
  • Just checked out the site, and I am so going to get one! My wife may freak out about another $80 controller, but if she can have a closet full of shoes, I can have a collection of controllers.
  • It doesn't work that way and it ain't ever going to work that way when it comes to women.
  • That's what happens when you start listening to your customers and realize that more customization options always make your product more attractive to your customers old and new. Long time coming. I would love to see this program expand to all of the Microsoft's offerings in Surface products, Band, XBox, Elite controller and more Microsoft devices. Bring it on! For what it is worth, a great initiative and start by Microsoft.
  • Wouldn't mind them bringing back avatar statues
  • will see i dont know if i need another controller i have 2 and one of me.
  • It'd be nice if they would let you customize a console the same way. A customized Xbox One S and controller would force me to buy one.
  • Elite controller customization would be nice. Also ABXY OLED lit letters with individual coloured backgrounds. Also, a different color for the center piece between the two top triggers.
  • Yeah a fully backlit controller would be nice to go with chat pad
  • sexy controllers