Desktop-to-UWP app converting 'Project Centennial' demonstrated at Build

Project Centennial is Microsoft's bridge between classic Win32 desktop apps and Universal Windows apps, available primarily via the Windows 10 Store. At Build 2016, Microsoft demonstrated how industry-leading accounting app, Sage, will hit the Windows 10 Store as a result of Project Centennial.

"We're making it easy for developers to bring the more than 16 million desktop apps to the Windows Store."

Desktop applications (and games, typical of Steam), ported via Project Centennial will have full access to the Universal Windows API and features, such as Live Tiles, Cortana and the Action Center. Sage200 will be among the first of the 16 million desktop apps in existence to arrive on the Windows 10 Store as a result of Centennial.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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