Destiny 2 teaser sets the stage for March 30 reveal trailer

We only just got an official announcement for Destiny 2, and now Bungie has outed another teaser to stoke the hype — this time in video form. Taking to Twitter once again, the official Destiny account posted a cheeky teaser — complete with Cayde-6 comentary — for the game's upcoming reveal trailer due later this week. A teaser for a teaser, if you will. Check it out below:

Pull up a chair. Cayde-6 has a story to tell...— Destiny The Game (@DestinyTheGame) March 28, 2017

Now that you're properly teased, you can look forward to more teasing when the full reveal trailer drops on March 30 at 10 a.m. PT / 6 p.m. BST.

Rumored for a September 8 release date, very little is known about Destiny 2 at the moment. Hopefully the imminent trailer will shed some light on the sequel. And who knows, maybe we'll even get an official confirmation on that rumored release date. For now, Destiny fans can take part in the Age of Triumph event, a sort of capstone to the first game that brings back some of its older raids and much more.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • The CABAL are coming, and I can't wait.
  • The original game robbed me of playing my other games. I will have to boycott this game. Must Resist.
  • Exactly why I won't ever buy an mmo ever again. They are basically cons. You end up replaying the exact same missions. The difference? Slightly better weapons and gadgets against the exact same enemies with 100k more Hit points. IMO the biggest con in the gaming world. At the end of the day what is the difference beating the same boss with uber duper super Light killer gun as opposed to killing it with the pea shooter you first killed it with? And PVP wise they are nowhere near as good as games dedicated to PVP. So you end up missing out on all these other magnificent story driven games or Multiplayer focused games because your playing a game over and over again.
  • Lol what utter nonsense. If you don't think pvp has any focus in Destiny, then you really don't understand it at all. The reason destiny is so wildly popular is the pursuit of gear is just so enjoyable. The gun mechanics, feel and some of the extreme eye candy makes it one of the best gaming experiences ever. 
  • Never played destiny, not my style of game, but I adore their promos and commercials. Their marketing department is great.
  • Not excited.....lost interest in these kinda games.
  • Not going to be buying this at launch, even though I like Destiny.  Sure, the story was lacking but the shooter mechanics were solid.  As time went on, they filled the story with the expansions, and there was enough variation in the loot grinds that it kept me involved.  (Even if I just had a short time to play, I'd work towards some quests involving patrols.) But now that Destiny 2 is going to be a reset, it's hard to stay interested.  Haven't played the original since that became apparent.  Strange that they would do things that way.  Sure, Activision money grab, I guess, but the Destiny expansions were already relatively expensive compared to the typical DLC as it was, though in the context of an MMO sort of game, I accpeted it.  I don't know why they just wouldn't keep adding expansions to the original game.  I mean at this point, I'd view Destiny 2 just a basic FPS rather than any sort of MMO and expect any DLC (I won't call them expansions anymore). to be priced accordingly.
  •   I blindly bought the 1st Destiny because it was made by Bungie. I love Halo, and to me Bungie could do not wrong. Wierd thing about the game, is I constantly complained that the game 'sucked', and yet played countless hours. The multiplayer matchmaking was a rip off of Halo, the game mechanics was a rip of Halo, and the MMO was really weak, it is not massive in anyway. Matchmaking for strikes took for ever to impliment, and they have in no way designed a system to matchmake raids. Though not entirely the same, Warframe for example, it a far better and deeper game than Destiny ever was or will be. Best of all Warframe is entirely free if you choose. Warframe lacks the polish of Destiny, but that is how a FPS MMO should be made.
  • Destiny is those kinds of games that pulls you in no matter how much you hate it, it's something so weird, it just keeps you going back to the game and you have no idea why. "What kind black magic is this?"
  • Say bye to my social life
  • Amazing shooter with incredible guns,loots,gameplay and graphics with terrible story. That what Destiny is. I hope Bungie make Destiny 2 better with non repeative sp story.
  • It's an mmo type experience. You cant and never will get a story like Halo from them because of the constraints of the mmo field in storytelling. Halo was a story driven experienced. Not relying on getting loot that has absolutely no impact on the game other than replaying missions over and over with enemies having more hitpoints against your more damage dealing character. Don't expect storytelling of that level from an mmo type game. Mmo games will always be repetitve. It's that which they rely on for the sake of loot.