Deus Ex Go dips to just $1 in the Windows Store

If you're down for getting some solid puzzle action at an even more solid discount, Square Enix's recently released Deus Ex Go is currently on sale for just $0.99 in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). Given the game only arrived in March at a much steeper $4.99, that's not a bad deal at all.

Deux Ex Go offers up an addictive puzzle formula that should look familiar if you've had any experience with Square Enix's other entries in the Go series, Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go. You'll control the protagonist of the Deus Ex franchise, Adam Jensen, as you make your way through more than 50 turn-based logic puzzles and unravel the game's story. As you'd expect from a Deus Ex game, you'll have augmentations at your disposal to tackle more difficult puzzles. Here's a look at what to expect:

  • An engrossing story with over 50 challenging puzzles
  • Special events with daily challenge levels
  • Unique hacking powers – Take over enemy turrets or change the layout of the level itself
  • Augmented puzzles – Solve puzzles using Adam's iconic augmentations
  • Intelligent new enemies including guards, turrets, drones, walkers and more
  • An intricate and mysterious storyline set in a beautiful vision of the future

Deus Ex Go is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile, so you can play at home or, fittingly, on the go. And if you're still in doubt, be sure to give out full Deus Ex Go review a look before pulling the trigger.

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Download Deus Ex Go at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Great game, just wish the PC/Mobile versions synced progress.
  • Oh wow thanks for the heads up. Own this on iOS but would have picked it up again if it did. ☹
  • which is why I hate mobile gaming, not knowing if it syncs, or sync across platforms, or knowing if my phone dies will my progress be restored on a new phone. Simply something to do to pass the time and not anything to take serious.
  • That news right there makes me excited for a windows on arm pc/phone thing. Because games like Fallout Shelter are avaliable for pc and xbox and actually sync between them... 
  • I did just pick it up, cant beat .99
  • What if it was free?
  • Are you really being a cheap person? You cannot even afford to pay $1 + tax on an awesome game like this?
  • Without Xbox Live integration... That's a deal breaker for me !
  • You're missing out. Less & less games will have it simply because it's too expensive to add and difficult to recoup those costs. We need to support developers supporting Windows.
  • Yeah but no. They were doing it for games such as asphalt 8 or Tiny troopers. I don't see why every android games are integrated into Android play games but not with Xbox
  • There's more to games than integration.
  • The last I heard it costs $20,000-30,000 to add XBL achievements to games. Android Play Achievements are the equivalent of Steam Achievements i.e meaningless & don't require much testing. XBL achievements are more official, have to be rigorously tested, and are sometimes tied to "monetary" rewards. Only the big studios can afford such things, and I doubt they'd get much extra money with or without XBL these days.
  • Nice, just got it!
  • Ok game, but pales to the Hitman Go experience.
  • Bought this game. I have played and finished both Hitman Go and Lara Craft Go. I just wish they made it Play Anywhere too
  • It is cross-platform buy (both W10 & W10M) but yeah it does suck I cant sync progress between systems, especially as I like to play on my desktop & tablet at different times
  • I recently cashed in my Bing Rewards again for some Microsoft Store bucks. I have all three on my phone now. I haven't finished any of them. But its nice to have when I'm bored and that is they're purpose.
  • Thanks for the tip, bought