Device rumors: 7 Pro headed to Verizon, Mazaa appears at MIX11? [Updated]

Both of these rumors today are on the weak end and use a bit if induction to get to their conclusion, but we'll throw 'em out anyways.

First, is reporting that the Trophy device used during the MIX11 demo (the one that puts its browser up against the iPhone and Nexus S) is not just the Trophy but the HTC Mazaa. What makes that interesting is during the rest of the MIX11 talks, whenever the gyroscope function was demonstrated it was on this Trophy/Mazza device. Nanapho gets the info via a Microsoft rep who evidently informed them.

Of course this still leaves open who the Mazaa is for and whether or not it will have the gyroscope on launch (we were under the impression that these were just modified Trophies for Microsoft for testing purposes).

The other rumor comes via Pocketnow who strung together a few pieces of info that suggests that Verizon is game for the HTC 7 Pro aka Sprint Arrive. The process is a bit of a math/transitive relation solving. In essence, we know there is a device being used with the ID MWP6885 (see our earlier coverage of new devices). There is also an FCC device that was approved called PC93100 which is a 7 Pro (confidentiality has expired). What links them together is a user agent profile called PC93-1.0.xml which, dun dun dun, IDs the MWP6885.

So if MWP6885=PC93 and PC93=7Pro (PC93100) then MWP6885=7 Pro.

Sure, it's a bit of a stretch but technically the logic works. Of course can Verizon actually get this out by the time anyone cares? That remains to be seen.

Update: This may or may not be the Mazza but they are new engineering prototypes that Microsoft is using in house i.e. Asus devices are out. Furthermore, these have Snapdragon and Adreno GPU with gyro sensors. Thanks to our source for the info.

via; Thanks, tezawaly; Pocketnow

Daniel Rubino

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  • I'll take ANY WP7 on VZW... just tired of waiting...
  • Totally agree.
  • Oh please please please please!! I know it's a stretch but it makes sense that Verizon wants the next physical and software iteration on their network. It make an announcement much more interesting. Do you think May?Like PZ+WP& said, I'm just tired of waiting...
  • Now VZW needs to add a 3rd device with a 4.3" screen, hopefully before William and Kate's first baby is born.
  • VZW is getting Windows Phone 7? For real or is it just another rumor to make us think they're getting it sometime before 2012?
  • As long as VZW gets WP7 before mid-summer when they go to tiered data, I'll be happy. My contract was up in November and I've been biding my time ever since as well as punching baby seals every time they delay the Trophy.
  • If VZW can manage to get HTC to put LTE support on this phone, it will be mine.If I must have one phone for the next two years, I'd wanna get a 4G phone to prepare for the future, which really isn't far away.The 7 Pro is easily my favorite WP7 device, and it makes me really happy to think that it might be coming to VZW finally.
  • So if Verizon is game for the Arrive, does that mean that the Mazaa is a trophy for Sprint? Just how they release the same phones with different names (which was more common with winmo).
  • Does it dosen't make any sense for Verizon to just hop on to the same phone that Sprint has been using for 2 months now? I think the reason it is dealyed is either because the device (htc trophy) is getting some new specs, like hopefully a SuperLCD screen or dream big for 4G LTE, or because they want to wait and see what happens with the latest NoDo update problems on the GSM networks and make sure that they are resolved.I reached out to the guy who was on the VZW to MST employees offer poster and he said that the phone was going through 'rigorous go to market processes' but hope to have a launch date soon. He also mentioned that he had his own personal unit that was working just fine.The Trophy was in the pictures before that had the Verizon logo on the top of them. Therefore my bet is on the Trophy coming out before any other WP7 does. Good things come to those who wait.
  • Doesn't the Trophy have an SLCD screen already?I've heard the 'rigorous testing' statement elsewhere, as well as 'soon'. Still pretty vague, unfortunately. I do see it coming before something like this, but that still may be 2 or 3 weeks away or 2 or 3 months away. No telling at this point.People are jumping to other carriers too because of this. I may unfortunately have to be one of those people as well, as I HAVE to purchase a new phone next month. Get a Focus on ebay or something. Shame ...
  • Totally agree with all other posts....Just waiting on any WP7 on Verizon....I'll take the trophy to hold me over until the Nokia phones are on the market. Come on Verizon....Just Do IT...