Some people just love to learn how everything works and tinker with technology. If that describes you, chances are you're always on the look out for cool new projects to work on.

And there's so many cool technology to learn and play around with these days — from basic projects using arduinos and Raspberry Pi, to making your very own 3D printer. The possibilities are limitless, as long as you have the basic knowledge of how things work, with some blueprints to help you along the way.

We've got an amazing Pay What You Want deal from Windows Central Digital Offers, where you can get this whole DIY Hardware & Internet of Things eBook Bundle for an amazing price. This package includes:

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  • Building a RepRap 3D Printer — Learn how to build your very own first-generation 3D printer, and calibate and adjust it perfectly.
  • Learning ROS for Robotics Programming: Second Edition — Learn about Robotic Operating System (ROS) and how to build your own robotic applications in a simulated environment.
  • Raspberry Pi Blueprints — An ebook with 10 projects that will introduce you to basics of using the Raspberry Pi and understanding just how powerful this single-board computer really is.
  • Arduino Wearable Projects — Learn to create your own wearable projects by mastering the different electronic components commonly used, such as LEDs and sensors, then apply your skills to create your own smartwatch as a final project.
  • Getting Started with Python & Raspberry Pi — Learn how to setup your Raspberry Pi and the Python coding language.
  • Arduino by Example — This eBook teaches you the basic concepts of how to get started with the Arduino, then helps you develop the skills to build your own Arduino-powered projects.
  • Internet of THings with Arduino Blueprints — Work through eight projects that will teach you how to assemble devices that communicate with one another, access data over the internet, and interact with users.
  • Arduino iOS Blueprints — Learn how to control Arduino using an iPhone or iPad and understand the different components that interact with the Arduino.
  • Arduino Android Blueprints — Learn to build interactive electronic devices controllable from any Android device.

All together these eBooks are valued at $339, but you won't even come close to paying that price. How these Pay What You Want deals work, if you choose to pay below the average price, you get the bottom two eBooks (Arduino iOS Blueprints and Arduino Android Blueprints). [Beat the average price (currently sitting around $11) and the whole bundle is yours! If you beat the Leader's price, you get the whole bundle as well as entry into an epic giveaway.

The choice is yours, but no matter how much you choose to pay, you're guaranteed great deal on these DIY projects that will have you building and tinkering gadgets of your own for months.

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