Where's My Mickey?

We've followed Disney's development of a new game that's coming to the Windows ecosystem. Where's My Mickey? is a brand new puzzle game accompanied by a series of short films. The title was stated to be heading to both Windows 8 and Windows Phone and we're today pleased to announce they're now available.

Join Mickey Mouse and co. in their latest adventure, offering hours of humorous gameplay in a puzzle environment. Five episodes are included that contain surprising and witty scenarios and we're sure younger fans will thoroughly enjoy the experience. If you've followed Mickey in the past, you'll appreciate the classic Mickey art-style with a slight contemporary touch. Following the cartoons on the Disney Channel will fit right in with the game.

Where's My Mickey

If you're picking up the Windows 8 version, 20 extra-large (hence the XL in the title) levels are available, which are designed exclusively for the large screens. You can download Where's My Mickey from the Windows Phone Store ($0.99) and Windows Store ($4.99) respectively.

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