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DisplayPort 1.4 will embrace USB-C and 8K HDR video

VESA has introduced the newest DisplayPort standard, version 1.4, which noticeably will embrace the standard USB-C connector. It isn't the first either, with Thunderbolt 3 already jumping on board, meaning in the future we may just see USB-C ports on PCs and laptops and little else.

On a technical front, DisplayPort 1.4 will introduce support for 8K and HDR video up to 60Hz, and 4K HDR up to 120Hz. That's an incredible amount of information to be transferring at once, all down one little cable. Quite extraordinary, really.

VESA also says that the latest version of its Display Stream Compression is lossless and provides bandwidth for 32 audio channels.

While most of us won't be seeing this any time soon, not to mention the fact that 4K still isn't exactly common, it's always impressive to see technology advancing. Excuse me while I start saving for an 8K display.

Source: DisplayPort via Engadget

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  • This is what I call FUTURE!
    Btw, first to comment :P
  • Yeah enjoy
  • Future is indeed great not having to worry which connector needs to be used. USB is really getting literally universal. Sent from Windows 95
  • Yeah that's right. I hardly believe how the technologies are evolving right now. Take a gander at 10 years ago, when a 256MB thumb drive costs just as much as a 32-64GB's. Btw, I wonder how can Windows 95 execute 32-bit and ARM apps on urs :P
  • I know you're joking about Windows 95, but it could actually run Win32 software.
  • on my HP Elitebook I'm using Displayport 1.2 ​by the way, all Enterprise-grade desktops and laptops have DP ports (like IBM ThinkPad, HP Elitebook, Dell Latitude, Fujitsu Life, Panasonic Tough, etc.)
  • Imacs are going to kill it in the next release.
  • yes Banana Corp is making a new Imac and will totally take over sales from Apple.
  • Finally! Yeahhhh!!! I'm waiting for a new MacbookAir!
  • VGAs dime event have 1.3 yet!!!
  • Bring on the USB-C revolution - Only have one device that supports it at the moment and that's my L950. When it comes to 4K and higher I probably won't invest in that Television wise until games consoles hit that resolution....That could be a while, and happy with 1080p gaming on PC as well for now.
  • well at least after 2 years, we will be talking about 16K video gaming consoles and TVs!
  • Can't tell if this is sarcasm....16k games consoles in 2 years when the current don't consistently do 1080p @ 60FPS most of the time? Maybe....but it would be a pretty expensive console. It's a lot more expensive for 4K PC gaming than a console, so it's fine with me that consoles aren't hitting 1080/60FPS constantly - The resolution is less important than the overall experience, something which the framerate can really have an impact on.
  • That is fantastic!
  • And i'm just asking the real questions.. How much do we pay of that cable wich will surely get broken in approximately 3 weeks like every single other usb cable? Sadly that's just true that manufacturers make cables that are not too durable so their cables would be bought more.. Sad. Anyway this cable is revolutionary from it's specs!
  • I don't know what you do to your USB cables but most of mine are 2+ years old and still work great.
  • I have literally never had a USB cable go bad lol. On the other hand the iPhone cables get destroyed.
  • You must abuse the hell out of your cables man. I've only ever had a Mac power cable go bad on me. Literally every other cable I've owned has been fine for years.
  • This is WONDERFUL! USB-C for all. One cable for all.
  • 8K was supported since version 1.3 released 2 years ago. It was at 30 Hz though. What i'm saying is, Its not a first for Displayport.
  • It says 8K at up to 60Hz, not that 8K is new.
  • Forget 8K, 16K is where it's at :P. Seriously though we're getting to a point were we won't be able tell the difference anymore. Heck some already have difficuly picking apart 4k and 1080p. It's great to see that they are getting behind the type-c connector. Propritery connectors are a pain in the backside. The only thing left to standardise is the AC connectors on laptops :).
  • Well AC connects for Ultrabooks can be possible be replaced by USB Type -C connectors, but I don't expect all unless it can manage to support higher power requirements for bigger ones. Also some may not want to sacrifice the magnetic connector that is actually pretty good and I rather wish laptops would go that route instead. It would be nice indeed just to have standardize magnetic AC connector instead. Or at least have laptops can be charge with USB Type-C even you don't use the dedicated charger. Sent from Windows 95
  • I'm aware some are using type-c to charge. I wouldn't class the surface as a laptop :). The reason i want standardisation amongst ac adaptors as is that usually the connection between the brick and cord connecting the laptop get's frayed - that can't be replaced. Under the standardised model. That connection would be replaceable; since pretty much all laptops in the same class (same config, soc) require the same amountish power - you could just create one power brick for an entire line up. Plus you could have your magnetic connectors for top end models :).
  • Yeah, TechFreak1, you can keep your 16K display. I've managed to obtain a number of no-bezel 8K displays, mounted them on the wall in a 4x4 grid, powered by multiple top-of-the-line graphics cards, and have managed to put together a nice 32K display for my living room. Now, if only I could get Continuum to work in 16K resolution. (for anyone wondering, yes, I'm either kidding, being sarcastic, or both. Take your pick.) Sent from my Commodore PET in 1977 through the help of a Time Warp induced by a massive Solar Flare
  • DisplayPort version 1.2. was released in 2009, and in 2013 we still have a limited amount of devices using it, many still using 1.1.  I am not holding my breathe on mass adoption for 1.4 anytime soon.
  • that's because the connector and the port stayed the same so it would have confused IT Professionals and other people that use it. Hopefully a new connector means more people will jump on-board
  • Who is going to police this?   Jump onto Amazon, select cable A, B or even C and you're basically playing a 50/50 game of 'will this work with 4k?'
  • Every USB Type C cable will work. That's the entire point.
  • Everyone excited. Companies are gonna milk so many people for the 4k 120hz ability. Especially computer and tv items.
  • Yay! :)
  • As a developer student I love my 4k samsung pc monitor... Nothing high end but the pixel density and the work area is amazing
  • My geimboi has 32k res.
  • I wonder if the new AMD Polaris GPUs will have this connector.
  • Looking at the comments, I can see people are already falling into the "it uses the same connector so it must support it" trap. That's absolutely not what it means, and it's what many of us have been cautioning about. ​Get a Lumia 950, and connect a Thunderbolt 3 device up to it. It won't work, because the chipset in the phone connected to that USB-C connector is not a Thunderbolt 3 chipset. Similarly with DisplayPort 1.4, unless the chipset directly connected to that port knows the DisplayPort spec to send it along the cable, you won't even get 720p video with mono audio, let alone 8K HDR with 32 channels. Yes, it's possible in the future that every device with a USB-C connector will have a chipset that supports all 3 specs. But right now it doesn't, and with Thunderbolt 3 being Intel tech it's still going to be a ways off.