Dive into one of sport's biggest rivalries in Ashes Cricket for Xbox One

Cricket isn't everyone's cup of tea (looking at you North America), but it's home to one of the longest standing rivalries in world sport: The Ashes. And from November 16 you'll be able to play your very own version on your Xbox One.

I can't sit and watch any sport where a game lasts five days, but The Ashes is different. Hopefully, its Xbox counterpart won't last quite so long.

The first in-game trailer which you'll see above has been released by the developer, Big Ant Studios. Ashes Cricket has the official license to both the men's and women's series, and as such you'll be getting lifelike players, locations and cricketing attire.

It actually looks pretty good from what we can see so far, and while it's certainly a niche title, hopefully, it's polished and fun to play.

Ashes Cricket will be available from November 16 for £49.99.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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