Do you automatically update your apps on Windows Phone 8.1?

Cortana and the new Notification center seem to steal the headlines when it comes to new features in Windows Phone 8.1. However, there are so many small and subtle changes throughout the update that make it a delight to use. One of those changes is the ability for apps to automatically update in the background. Do you use it?

There are numerous improvements made to the Windows Phone Store in Windows Phone 8.1. We love them all from design changes to the layout to reinstalling apps & games to changelog support and more. Though it’s the ability to automatically update apps that will make consumers and developers swoon.

When you upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 you’ll see that the Windows Phone Store is automatically set to update apps automatically and to do so over Wi-Fi. Gone are the days where you walk into a retail store to see a poor Windows Phone device on demo with dozens and dozens of apps that aren’t updated.

How to automatically update your apps on Windows Phone 8.1

Having your apps update automatically is really easy. Just make sure the a few toggles are switched on and your phone will automatically update apps for you. Head to Settings > Applications > Store > App updates and you’ll either switch on (or off) ‘update apps automatically’ and ‘only get updates over’. Again, by default this should be how your phone is set up with Windows Phone 8.1. Follow those steps and deselect the options if you don’t want apps automatically updated.

Do you update apps automatically on Windows Phone 8.1?

Apps by default are set to automatically update in the background, which is really a good thing for most consumers. However, we bet there’s a handful of you out there who’ve disabled this feature. Why? Maybe you like to control when an app is updated. Maybe you read about an app update on Windows Phone Central that breaks certain functionality and you’d rather keep the old version until a fix is implement. Whatever the reason, we want to know why you do or don’t have apps automatically updating. Take our poll below and head to the comments to voice your opinion!

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Sam Sabri