Best Answer: No, you do not need a PC to set up an Oculus Quest. Like the Oculus Go, you need a device with access to the Oculus mobile app.

  • Full VR experience: Oculus Quest (From $400 at Oculus)
  • Basic VR experience: Oculus Go (From $200 on Amazon)

A VR experience right out of the box

Similar to the Oculus Go, the Oculus Quest is ready to go right out of the box. The user will only have to sync the device with the Oculus mobile app so you can connect to the Oculus store. Without this step, the user will not be able to install apps from the Oculus store, or sync the Touch Controllers to the headset.

Once inside the headset, the user must also connect to their wifi network in order to access experiences that require an internet connection. This should not be necessary if you are only playing offline content, but will make the use of the device much simpler. Otherwise, all purchases must be made through the Oculus mobile app.

PC VR versus mobile VR

Depending on what type of experience you are looking for, the Oculus Quest may or may not be for you. The benefit of not needing a VR-ready computer reduces the entry price of the Oculus Quest dramatically. PC VR also requires an extensive setup, including mounting sensors and installing software. While it may not have the sheer power of a VR PC, the Quest is absolutely the best non-PC VR option on the market. It would also be a fantastic entry point if you are looking to dive deeper into VR in the future, but do not want to pay a lot to start.

While PC VR may look better and have a wider selection of games, you are stuck to a small gaming space close to your PC. With the Quest, you can easily take your VR rig anywhere, just like the Go. This means you can easily show it off to friends and family, as well as use it for things such as watching movies on long trips.

Oculus Quest

The next stage of VR

Untethered VR

The Oculus Quest is the newest all-in-one VR device to take your gaming on the go. It requires no PC and no cables, so you are completely untethered! This is the first truly standalone VR gaming experience.

Oculus Go

Easy and portable

VR Media

The Oculus Go is an all-in-one VR device that's easy and approachable if you're new to VR. While primarily for media consumption, you can also find many great games and other applications.

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