Do you need to play Destiny from the beginning to enjoy Rise of Iron?

Destiny is a game that is made for those of you who love using tons of guns to shoot your way through waves upon waves of enemies. While there is a story and a mythology that is twined through the game, it isn't where the emphasis of gameplay is seated. Instead it's more like window dressing. It gives you enough to make you fight towards the next mission, but the story is never really the point of the game. Which is why it's so easy to jump right into Rise of Iron, without playing the earlier content.

You have choices

If you're brand new to Destiny, then it might be easy to get bogged down in the initial story. You should at the very least play through the tutorial mission, so that you have a decent grasp on the gameplay mechanics. However, when you purchase Rise of Iron, you'll get access to a Token which can auto level you up to 40.

That token is how you can essentially skip through all of the earlier content, so that you can jump directly into Rise of Iron. While this isn't the way that everyone wants to do things, for the people who are really only interested in Rise of Iron this lets you get directly to the part of the game that you want to play.

Are you missing out?

By jumping directly into Rise of Iron, you are bypassing the original story as well as The Taken King. This means that you're going to be seeing enemies that look different, and are much nastier than their original counterparts — but you wouldn't know that. By bypassing all of that earlier content, it does mean that you won't have all of the context about what is going on, story-wise.

That doesn't actually put you that far behind the curve though. The story in Destiny, thus far, isn't overwhelming. While it makes up the narrative of the game, it was pretty thin until the Taken King and Rise of Iron expansions landed. So while yes, you are technically missing out on part of the game, it isn't lost just because you decided to leap into Rise of Iron.

You also don't lose out on that earlier content. You always have the option to go back and play the parts of the game that you've skipped over. They won't be as difficult as they would have been initially, but they're still fun to play. This means that even if you skip the earlier content, you can always circle back around to play through the original story.

Have you been running with the Lords of Iron? Did you skip the earlier content to get right to the new stuff? Be sure to drop a line in our comment section below and tell us all about it!

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  • If you played through Destiny and could fill in the canyon level gaps in the story then you, sir, are on a higher level of existence.  
  • Youre missing out vault of glass and maybe kingsfall , several actually decent story arks, ( weak but still ) good explination of the places, their enemies, rasputin and other things. Youre gonna miss out on leveling up your character and farming for the best new gear, missiing out beating the strikes the first time, missing out finishing destiny vanilla, dark below and house of wolves, missing out on endless original campaign grinding and so much of the fun finding exotics through basic pvp. You miss out becoming a storm caller or a nightstalker, you miss a ton of epic moments. You miss out on shaders, armors, weapons, gear, ships and emblems. At least Play through everything 1 time, pay attention, play vault of glass, play house of wolves, play prison of elders. Dont be on of those guys who doesnt know vault of glass, crotas end and other amazing ( lol.. Crotas end ) parts and insiders. Destiny has so much to offer. Do everything.
    Also you need to play taken king and house of wolves anyway to unlock the strickes and the dreadnought.
  • Ive been with destiny now for over 2k hours , and i can tell you, jumping in and missing out on all the great things as we experienced them and skip playing step by step, will rip you of all the great, stupid, derpy, beautiful , bad , great and special moments the past 2 years gave us.
    Like really , go and farm your character up to 40, get your gear, and then farm the **** outa vault of glass, crota, and only then go to house of wolves.
  • Nicely put. I was originally a skeptic but bought Destiny in a sale a few months ago with The Taken King and am still enjoying it. Surprisingly addictive getting exotics, and running strikes are my fav. And I will say, despite the thin story I enjoyed it. Still havent completed a Raid cos everyone seems to have to go before we finish but the bits I played were good. Enjoying it so much I passed on GoW4. Its one of the games where you really do feel superpowered a lot of the time but still get the occasional enemy that is tougher than expected and you have to be more strategic. Pretty sure Destiny 2 will be a day one for me!
  • Yeah its a shame that bungie still didn't implement matchmaking for vault of glass and crota. At least for easy mode. I mean once you're up at light 280-310 normal mode for both raids is substantially easier. They still need a decent team though, but its fun to come back, and take the ******* fatebringer with you can the year one invective and 280 voidfang vestments as a warlock and go in there. Its a blast. Skipping to rise of iron will cause you to miss out many great missions, encounters and parts of the maps. And definitely lots of the weapons can only be gotten within those missions and strikes and raids.
  • Also if you start with rise of iron now, level up to 40 in an instant and get nice light level gear, wpnt give you your full subclasses. And it won't do you any favor,jumping up to where everyone is because then you don't put 500hours into the game, but you will end up being light level 380 after 40hours and have your nice gun and then just jump in for some hours from time to time and missing even more things. Do it like when you start wow. Play through everything.
  • Missed out on Vault of Glass and I agree, matchmaking for Raids would be good but its definitely better playing with friends the first time, much more forgiving of noob mistakes.
  • Yeah destiny two will be a day one for me as well. Hoping tho it will be the next game, enough people will enjoy destiny 1, so I can go back and play that as well. Really don't want to give up playing it. After 2k hours you just don't stop playing it because of a sequel. And damn id play destiny one just because of the pvp map 'shores of times' . Love that map so bad man :3
  • I only spent 284 hours in Destiny. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So if I have never played destiny can I buy Destiny and Rise of Iron, Use the token to get a level 40 character and play from the beginning at level 40?
  • Yes, but you'll still have to level up your abilities but you'll be at 40, probably make some bits easier.
  • Thanks
  • Honestly dont use the token. You get to level 40, maybe even lightlevel 267-300 with it, but it wont do your any favor because leveling up a sub class till you got it complete still makes you play like a lot of story missions , and a lot of bounties. 1-2 weeks depenting of how hard you grind. Maybe even a month, and aslong you dont got that leveld up at least half , engame content, which rise of iron is basically, wont do your any good. Go play vanilla destiny story, go do house of wovles and then taken king and youll will be level 40 plus you have at least 1 subclass done. And you got all the story, and background stuff, saw all the places, got a good know how of the planets and the maps and yeah picked up the exotics bounties you only get from playing taken king stuff anyway.
  • Use the token on your first toon, this will make the learning curve easier.  Then if you like the game, level the others the old fashion way.  Destiny is a nice game, only difference from Halo and Destiny is the more open world play, IMO.  If you make Halo an open world game, I would turn Destiny off tomorrow, and there is NO story line what so ever and to me that is BORING. Oh and my the Vocie Actor Change, the new Sparx voice is SOOO annoying.
  • Yes, but i would really recommend to play your first character regularly up to 40, you can use the boost for the second or third later...depends on how you like it of course, but I had a lot of fun achieving everything with hard work with my first guardian
  • Destiny doesn't have much of a story but it is really fun with a group of friends. So dive in and enjoy. Unless you are on PlayStation, PSN is down again. I do have Destiny on the X1 but I don't know as many people on there. Destiny is one of the few games I primarily play on PS4 when it isn't down that is.
  • You would miss the most epic moment of the whole game, the end of the mission 'The Last Array'
  • Haha :D and don't forget the archive mission that redefined our thinking of the enemies that we shoot in the head, and the enemies that we shoot in the stomach.
  • It actually took me more than one mission to realize why i never did critical damage to all these Vex Goblins xD
  • Haha i know :D then again for me the infective dropped for me pretty early on in pvp and i never had the critcal issue. Only when playing with scout rifles ( back when you actually used them lul ) i always wondert why headshots did nothing.
    But damn the infective
  • What a weird premise for an article. If I had just spent $60 on the full Destiny base game plus all expansions, I would be in no mood to waste my investment by skipping 75% of the content.
  • I agree if you have spent your hard earned money then play through from the beginning! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Even if it wouldn't be hard earned and or somebody would buy me that game, I would play it at least one time through everything and grind the **** outa that character.