Does Anthem on PC support NVIDIA RTX ray tracing?

Does Anthem on PC support NVIDIA RTX ray tracing?

Best answer: No, although support for DLSS tech will be added soon. Unfortunately, there are no known plans to implement ray tracing into Anthem, though that may change.Get Anthem: Anthem ($60 at Amazon)Has ray tracing support: Battlefield V ($30 at Amazon)Another with ray tracing support: Metro Exodus ($50 at Epic Store)

What features do NVIDIA RTX GPUs provide?

NVIDIA's line of RTX GPUs, on top of crushing our collection of best graphics card options, come with two unique features: ray tracing and Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). The former is a special rendering technique that overhauls lighting and makes it realistically illuminate environments based on algorithms that track where light is bouncing in real-time, while the latter is an AI-based anti-aliasing technique that lessens the load that higher settings have on your system.

Both features are excellent, but unfortunately, not too many games have been designed with them in mind. Still, they represent the future of PC gaming, and it's exciting to think about how ray tracing and DLSS will become widespread as graphics card engineers advance further.

Should you still buy Anthem?


Anthem (Image credit: Windows Central)

Honestly, even if Anthem had full RTX GPU support, I would say that buying it right now is risky. The game is in a fragile state right now, with performance issues popping up for many players across all systems. In addition to that, many of the issues I talked about in my review of the game are still present, and while Anthem is incredibly fun, it can also be incredibly frustrating as well.

Even so, Anthem producer Scylla Costa promised that the game would receive DLSS support shortly after launch in an interview with Wccftech, even suggesting the possibility of ray tracing in the future, though there are currently no official plans for it. Still, if you like the look of Anthem and you want to see DLSS in action when support is added, you may find the purchase worthwhile.

What are some games that do have RTX GPU support?

So, if Anthem lacks strong RTX GPU support, what are some games that don't? Unfortunately, only two other games currently support ray tracing and DLSS: Battlefield V and Metro Exodus. Thankfully, though, both of these titles are excellent.

Battlefield V is the latest in Electronic Arts and DICE's iconic first-person shooter franchise. It's set during World War II, but its stories are told from non-standard angles that give new perspectives to the infamous conflict not many players have seen before, despite the campaign overall being lackluster. Even so, Battlefield V makes up for it with its polished and action-packed multiplayer modes that capture the scale and intensity of warfare.

Metro Exodus is the third installment in 4A Games' tense, horror-driven shooter series called Metro, which is based on the legendary novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky. It's arguably the best-looking game ever made, and while it has some spotty voice acting and a few bugs, it's still an incredible experience that perfectly blends tight gunplay, amazing storytelling, gorgeous presentation, and an unnerving atmosphere together.

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