Best answer: Yes. Dell's Premium Active Pen can be used with Surface PCs, as well as other Surface devices too.

Why does the Premium Active Pen works with Surface?

The reason that Dell's Premium Active Pen is compatible with Surface devices is that it sports compatibility with Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP), which is the protocol that Microsoft uses for its Surface devices. Therefore, you can use the Premium Active Pen with no issues.

On top of working with Surface and other MPP devices, the pen also works with devices that utilize Wacom AES, which is the standard that most of Dell's own devices have.

Why get the Premium Active Pen?

Dell's Premium Active Pen is hands down one of the best pens you can get for touch-enabled devices (provided they use Wacom AES or MPP). The pen supports 4,096 different levels of pressure sensitivity, which will be fantastic for people who like to draw on their devices. In addition to that, the pen also supports tilting. That allows artists to shade and detail their work in a way that feels natural. It also comes with three buttons that you can map to specific functions, which will come in handy if you have "favorite" actions that you often perform, such as undoing a mark on the screen.

Premium pen power

Dell Premium Active Pen

Compatibility for the win

The Dell Premium Active Pen is a fantastic accessory for Surface devices as well as many others, thanks to its helpful features and impressive functionality.

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