Doodle God comes down to earth as the Xbox Windows Phone Red Stripe Deal

It’s a decent week for Xbox gaming deals, with the EA July Special marking six Windows Phone games down and the Xbox 360 Ultimate Game Sale slashing prices like crazy. But we could still use an Xbox Windows Phone Red Stripe Deal, and that’s just what we get. Doodle God from JoyBits is the latest Xbox title to go on sale. Not the most exciting game, but you can get it for 99 cents and knock its Achievements out in no time.

As for the non-Xbox Red Stripe Deals, Rubicon’s excellent indie strategy title Great Big War Game rings up for 99 cents this week as well. Fabulously wealthy Windows Phone users will enjoy the Mobitee GPS Golf app, on sale for the humble price of $10.99. Descriptions and store links after the break!

Doodle God (Windows Phone 7 or 8)

Regular price: $2.99 Sale price: $.99 Download size: 24 MB Store Link

Doodle God started as a popular indie game that was later upgraded to Xbox Live status. It’s sort of an alchemy simulator. You start out with only four elements to mix and match, each combination creating a new element. The object is simply to make them all, which requires tons of experimentation and thought. What makes glass in real life? Fire plus sand. Combine those ingredients in-game and you’ve just unlocked glass, which can then be mixed with many other elements.

The Windows Phone version suffers from a bug that can make certain Achievements impossible to earn if you accidentally press the hint button. So don’t press that button! The developers promised to patch it but never came through, unfortunately. Also bad, the game dropped to 99 cents for a lengthy time before returning to the too high $2.99 price. 99 cents is fair though. If you follow a guide, you’ll get the Achievements in just a few hours. See our review for details.

Great Big War Game (Windows Phone 8)

Regular price: $2.99 Sale price: $.99 Download size: 109 MB Store Link

Armed! has long been the obvious best choice of turn-based strategy game on Windows Phone, but Great Big War Game (GBWG) gives it a run for its money. For one, it’s built for Windows Phone 8 and thus looks great. The Advanced Wars-like cutesy art style works very well in 3D.

As a strategy game, GBWG has a lot to offer. The single-player campaign consists of a whopping 50 missions. The developers claim the campaign takes 40 hours to complete! But this genre really shines in multiplayer, and GBWG doesn’t drop the ball there. You can play against another human via pass and play or online multiplayer. Check out George’s review for more details.

Mobitee GPS Golf (Windows Phone 7 or 8)

Regular price: $22.99 Sale price: $10.99 Download size: 7 MB Store Link

Sometimes you want to take a break from showing off your collection of 14 Ferraris and just relax. Where do you? Golfing at the country club, of course. But then you’re going to have to worry about keeping score, which is its own headache. You could pay the nice immigrant man to do it for you as he lugs your clubs around, but what if he scuffs one of your irons? Heavens, no!

Enter Mobitee GPS Golf, the ultimate golfing assistant. It packs a GPS tool for calculating distances, a database of 32,000 courses, satellite aerial views of each hole, and interactive score card for four players, and more. It’s so convenient, you’ll be back to your prestigious new position at the top of a flailing casual games publisher in no time. Yeah, a working man might find still Mobitee’s sale price a little high, but true golfing enthusiasts pay people to stand in front of working men so they don’t have to see or hear them.

Note: This is good natured satire. :D

Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Can we plz get some better games?!!! Plz!!!
  • Ikr doodle god hasn't been updated since 2011 ios version is so much better...
  • Great post!
  • Good point. /s
  • Thanks for changing your comment.
  • Someone call the waaaahhmbulance, hurry!
  • Doodle God is a pretty fun game with super easy achievements. Definite pick up if you have missed it until now.
  • Hey, here is a fun fact: So far, i already owned every red stripe xbox deal! Hope this changes next week..
  • Not fun at all! :)
  • Nice! I wanted to get Doodle God for the phone and with this price I've done it! Thanks for the heads up!
  • Maybe developers will learn to support their paid products on occasion. I was set to buy Doodle God, until I noticed 2 things:
    1. Only 135 elements exist? I'm pretty sure the game I played on Android exceeded 400.
    2. More importantly, broken Achievements? Immediate no-go for me. Just hearing that there MIGHT be the occurrence of bugged Achievements, and that the developres lied about ficxing it, has turned me off to a purchase.
    Oh, well, there's always next week. I have plenty to do with Tiki Towers (only Red Stripe purchase I've made thus far), Skulls of the Shogun (which I never got to play much of, because I was finishing Asphalt 7 at the time), and NBA Jam (which takes a LOT of playing to finish).
  • The Achievements do work. You just have to be careful not to run into the bug. It's an easy completion.
  • Yeah, I read that, I just don't like giving a developer money for promising fixes that aren't there 2 years later.
  • I've been playing the demo version of Doodle god for awhile now. Should I delete it from my phone and then buy it? (not asking about whether or not I should buy it) and then install it after buying it to start over? I'm asking as I've used the hints before.
  • Yes, you need to reinstall.
  • Different deals here in uk
  • Yawn...give us better and NEW games...
  • I have always wanted to get that war game thing. Buying now. Thanks for keeping posted, WPCentral!!! Edit - just had the worst buying experience. This article did not link to the app for some odd reason. Then, in the store, red stripe deals section is missing. I searched 'war game' and this game did not show up. God!!! Still bought the game, but what a hassle.
  • Just tested the link and it works fine... Weird.
  • When I use the download app option, it takes me straight to the doodle game. Normally, the same option would allow me to choose which app I wish to download.
  • Appreciate this article, I jumped on the GBWG & used my 25$ gift card I got with my Nokia Lumia 928 from Verizon
  • Great Big War Game is awesome, having lots of fun with it, good replay value (I only do the turned based multiplayer, never campaign though), however I do worry about the developers committment level to the platform.  I'll buy it for my new windows 8 machine too, esp if 99cents
  • Seeing games like Great big war game and Mini dash (that i learned about it from WPcentral) I can suggest that Windows Phone need to provide the xbox branding to developers like iOS do with the GameCenter and recently Androind announced the Google Play Game Service that includes leaderboards and achievements
    I would suggest to give the chance to any developer to apply his title for the xbox branding and make the xbox certification progress more lax and more fast!
    To do so differentiate the point system of wp titles with the Xbx360/one titles.For example make the xbox wp titles give you WPGS(gamer score) and be a different section (WP section) on the xbox account and not entangle with the point system and games of XBOX 360 and ONE!!!
    I don't think that this is hard or complicated to been for a corporation like MS.