Six Electronic Arts games for Windows Phone games on sale this week

We didn’t get a new Xbox Windows Phone game today, a fact that doesn’t hurt if you think about fluffy bunnies hard enough. Still, one thing that eases the pain of a release drought like this is a nice sale. At least, Microsoft and Electronic Arts sure think so. Six games from EA and its subsidiaries Chillingo and PopCap are on sale from now until Tuesday, July 9th – that’s the good news.

The less good news, some might say, is that every single one of these games was just discounted back during the EA publisher sale in March. In fact, that sale consisted of nine games and this one only boasts six. No discounted Mirror’s Edge, Monopoly, or Plants vs. Zombies discounts this time! Many consider Electronic Art’s early Windows Phone games to be boldly overpriced as well. These sale prices are essentially what the aging games should cost anyway.

Read on for the full sale list and descriptions!

Battleship (Windows Phone 7 or 8)

Regular price: $2.99 Sale price: $1.99 Download size: 14 MB Store Link

Battleship is an adaptation of the popular board game from Milton Bradley. In the Classic game type, two sides take turns blindly firing at each other, trying to find and destroy the other’s ships. Yawn! Salvo mode works much like classic, but moves faster than traditional games because you’re allowed to fire as many shots per turn as you have remaining ships. So much better. The new Superweapon mode adds a variety of weapons to the gameplay, mixing up the traditional dynamics.

This was actually the first Xbox Windows Phone game to support online multiplayer. However, said multiplayer is super buggy and the whole game is super slow and takes forever to load. Check out our review for the scoop.

Bejeweled Live (Windows Phone 7 or 8)

Regular price: $4.99 Sale price: $2.99 Download size: 46 MB Store Link

Bejeweled is the classic match-3 puzzle game that has enchanted casual gamers across a variety of platforms. If you’re hungry for a simple puzzle game to play whenever a spare moment pops up, Bejeweled is a good place to look. As our review indicates, the Windows Phone version has three ways to play: Classic, Race the Clock, and Endless. It’s also got some tough and grindy Achievements despite being a casual title, but that’s PopCap games for you.

If you’re a Nokia user, I would strongly suggest you skip this one and buy Bejeweled Live+ instead. It’s $3 all the time and a much better game to boot. See our Live+ review if you need convincing.

Contre Jour (Windows Phone 7 or 8)

Regular price: $2.99 Sale price: $1.99 Download size: 33 MB Store Link

Contre Jour is one of the loveliest Windows Phone games thanks to its effective use of light and silhouette, not to mention the haunting musical score. The goal is to get the tentacled protagonist Petit to each level’s exit while collecting all the lights along the way. Instead of directly controlling Petit, players manipulate the environment by stretching the ground and activating various gadgets.

Technically this is a physics puzzler, but the bold art direction and unique gameplay puts it in a separate league from other genre entries. The difficulty is pretty steep though. It’s still coming to Windows 8 at some point, in case you’d rather play on a larger screen.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Windows Phone 7 or 8)

Regular price: $4.99 Sale price: $2.99 Download size: 113 MB Store Link

If you’re stuck on Windows Phone 7, that means you can’t play Asphalt 7, the best arcade racing game around. Well, my first recommendations in that case are the first Need for Speed (Undercover) and Asphalt 5. And if you’re a Nokia user who digs simulation-style racing games, Real Racing 2 is also a must-buy.

But say you’ve beaten EVERY other car racing game on Windows Phone 7 and you still feel the need for speed. Then I GUESS Hot Pursuit would be an acceptable choice. It features the slick presentation you’d expect from EA’s console games, with shiny visuals and a handful of licensed music tracks. It allows players to take on separate campaigns as either an illegal street racer or the cops who pursue them.

What went wrong then? The difficulty! You’ll have to grind forever and a day just to earn enough money to be competitive; and many events leave no room for error. The loading times stink too, making the repetitive grinding that much worse. See our review for more details.

The Sims 3 (Windows Phone 7 or 8)

Regular price: $6.99 Sale price: $3.99 Download size: 112 MB Store Link

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is another one of those games that’s been on sale so many times you wonder why they don’t just drop the price and be done with it. Especially now that the sequel is out. But hey, at least it’s a dollar less than the March sale.

As you’d expect, Sims 3 is the mobile version of the hit life-simulation game. Players create and customize a Sim and then try to complete various goals with him or her, such as getting a promotion at work and kissing another Sim. It makes for a great game, on PC and consoles at least. But the Windows Phone version doesn’t quite match up.

As our review points out, the character customization is extremely limited. Load times are lengthy and frequent and menu navigation is clumsy. On the plus side, EA did update the game for Mango and fix many of its bugs at the beginning of the year. But still, Nokia users might as well get the newer and better The Sims 3 Medieval instead.

Tetris (Windows Phone 7 or 8)

Regular price: $2.99 Sale price: $1.99 Download size: 10 MB Store Link

The Windows Phone version of Tetris was actually quite slick back when it launched in 2010. It’s got great visuals and a good remix of the classic Tetris theme ‘Korobeiniki.’ There are numerous gameplay variants such as Gravity and Radical that add a bit of variety to the game we’ve all played a million times before.

Some have complained about the touch screen controls (swipe left and right to steer, tap to rotate, and swipe down to drop pieces), but I find them to be natural and effective enough. Many of us older players are basically done with Tetris, having played it to death on GameBoy and DS (the best version) ages ago. But hey, maybe you still need a falling block puzzle game in your life.

Get to shopping!

How do you guys think the EA July Special compares to the Xbox 360’s Ultimate Game Sale? And will you be picking up any of EA’s offerings during the sale?

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Nothing for me,cool sale though
  • Most of these games are from the phone 7 era. Sale not exciting me either. I want a gameloft sale please. And a Nokia sale!
  • Gameloft just had a sale, like, 2 weeks ago.
  • Oh, I must have missed it :(
  • I already have them...... This summer drought is killing me...
  • Bejeweled Live, The Sims 3 and Tetris sadly isnt available in the Brazilian WP Store... As I said in that another article: now we have the "Wordament release of the week", not the Xbox Release of the week anymore. hehe  
  • Tens a certeza? É que nós em Portugal usamos a loja do Brasil ("obrigado" Aborto Ortográfico...:P) e eles aqui aparecem-me disponíveis. Mas talvez eles tenham bloqueado com base na localização e não na loja em si...
  • Tenho. Não é possível fazer o download deles aqui.
  • EA should fix or update Tetris on WP8. I bought it on my WP7 when it was on sale for the first time so I installed it on my WP8. I can only play 1 game with the stats, progress and options saved correctly on my phone. As soon as I play a second game or third game, etc. then I quit the game, all my stats and unlocked variants are lost after my first game.
    The options (music on/off, ghost, controls, tutorial) are saved fine but not my stats (total lines created, t-spins, tetrises, etc.) aswell the unlocked variants (threadmill, gravity, etc. and progress %.
    The first game's stats are saved fine but not the rest whenever I quit the game then play it later. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game doesn't solve the problem (it will only remove the whole data/progress)
    The game worked fine without these issues on WP7. If you check the reviews, 1-2 other people mentionned this problem, so I am not alone.
  • I was excited till I saw the prices. Still too much.
  • Same..
  • Are any of these games updated for high resolution displays, or are they going to look ugly at 720p? IMO Microsoft should force a permanent price drop on old Xbox games that don't get updated.
  • They're all WP7 games and thus can't support WP8 screen resolutions.
  • Thanks for the information!
  • Give us Tetris and Bejeweled for a dollar each and I'll buy.
  • +1
  • where are the fifa franchise games?????
  • This! ^
  • Yes please, bring FIFA. Hopefully Nokia can make a deal for this to happen
  • Already got the ones I could be interested in so I'll pass. By the way DOODLE GOD is the Xbox Red stripe deal of the week. Going for 0.99€...which is the price it costed when I boughted it and that it was selling for for months before being raised up to 2.99€.
  • I prefer the free Alchemic Phone 7. The reactions are all different and based in reality a bit more. They really make you think & research how to make reactions. Doodle God is just a fancy rip-off of all the other Alchemic rip-offs and even all use a lot of the same reactions.
  • True. But Doodle is an xbox live game while the others aren't. so for 0,99€ it's worth to get if you haven't had the chance before (2,99€ is a rip-off)
  • Yes, I'm buying Contre Jour now :)
  • Some repeats in here, but I'm TOTALLY getting Battleship. Great write up Paul!!!!
  • Terrible deals, in my opinion. NFS has no business being $3 when Asphalt is $1, for starters. This article should be about permanent price drops, because even at the sale prices, these aren't really good deals.
  • I don't play games on my windows phone because I'll end up touching any of the touch sensitive hardware button which will either halt or throw me out of the game.. Not even once I could play a game.. *fat hands I have :(*
  • Have you tried flipping the phone around the other way? Sometimes I find it works better when the hardware buttons are on the left, as I'm right-handed and tend to hit the buttons when it's on the right-side. Or you could wear gloves, or you could put some tape over the buttons while you play :P
  • Have you tried kids corner if you have win 8. It will disable the soft buttons
  • Being careful is also an option! :-D
  • These are all outdated games! They should put on sale the new gameloft games (MC4, NOVA3). I already bought them, but 6,50€ is pretty much for a game :p
  • +920 I only bought Spidey and Batman when they lowered them to the fair price of 2.99€
    Will also buy MC4 and NOVA3 if they do the same, but never before.
  • Sorry EA. you've missed the mark yet again.
  • EA wonder why people dislike them. Even with a sale they are more expensive.
  • +1
  • A bit off topic, but does anyone know if the Windows Store for the tablets will have summer sale or something alike too?
  • First, lets get EA to make some damn games for the surface....very frustrating. You'd think with the number of Windows users, these guys would get off of Apple's jock for two minutes and hit the Windows Marketplace.
  • They have made Bejeweled Live and Contre Jour and a couple more Chillingo are coming. More games (with true EA branding) would be great though.
  • The great thing about NFS Hot Pursuit is its near 60fps animation. Not even Asphalt 7 can match it for smoothness. Graphics are another thing, but it's still alot better than other racers out there.
  • Contre Jour is totally worth it!
  • Please release trial xtreme 3 on WP8, that game looks really awesome! Would love to see that game on WP
  • I can't believe the prices for Bejeweled... Ridiculous. I'll stick to the free Bejeweled Blitz app on my iPod touch.
  • EA are a scumbag of a company so they'll never get a penny from me, rot in hell i say.
  • I assume they had someone in your family killed? My condolences.
  • Yeah, if it wasn't so radical it would be funny, but I do fail to understand how the rhetoric escalates to this. I bet people can't explain, it does sound like there's a sentient entity called EA which molested kids. Can't understand.