You can now stream xCloud and Doom Eternal to your ... refrigerator"

Doom (Image credit: Bethesda)

What you need to know

  • A new video shows Doom Eternal streaming to a Samsung smart fridge.
  • Despite the odd hardware, game streaming seems to work well.
  • xCloud's Android app was sideloaded onto the smart fridge.

Some people say that the Xbox Series X looks like a refrigerator, but that's not the fridge that's going viral right now in the Xbox world. Instead, it's a Samsung smart fridge that an Instagram personality used to play Doom Eternal through Xbox Game Pass Cloud streaming (xCloud).

Instagram user Richard Mallard showed off the beautiful and meme-worthy streaming of Doom Eternal. There's quite a bit of letterboxing because the screen of the smart fridge is in portrait mode and the game appears in landscape mode, but it does appear to work well. To get xCloud running, Mallard sideloaded the Android version of the service onto the fridge.

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Doom Eternal delivers "goretastic catharsis," according to our senior editor Jez Corden's review. With xCloud support, Doom Eternal is available on several devices, and we don't just mean fridges. You can use your Android phone, Android tablet, or even Chromebooks for Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming.

People love getting various versions of Doom to run on ridiculous hardware. Just last month, one person swapped out the internals of a pregnancy test to play the classic version of Doom.

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