From DOOM to DOOM Eternal: The 10 most iconic demons

Revenant in Doom (2016)
Revenant in Doom (2016) (Image credit: Windows Central)

DOOM's legacy of brutality has been going strong for over 25 years now. To celebrate this impressive milestone and the release of DOOM Eternal, we'll be ripping and tearing through the 10 most iconic demons from DOOM's bloody history.

10. Former Humans (First appearance - DOOM)

Former Humans

Source: DOOM Wiki (Image credit: Source: DOOM Wiki)

As the very first enemies you encounter, Former Humans serve in setting the tone of the entire DOOM series. The world has gone to hell and these possessed husks represent the fate of humanity. Once proud marines like the Doom Slayer himself, these fallen soldiers now serve the demons they once fought.

While maybe not the most intimidating foes to face off against, they are a constant reminder that in the world of DOOM, nobody is safe.

9. Cyberdemon (First appearance - DOOM)

Cyberdemon Sprite

Source: DOOM Wiki (Image credit: Source: DOOM Wiki)

The manual of DOOM II simply describes the Cyberdemon as "a missile-launching skyscraper with goat legs" and while that isn't the most poetic description, it's probably the best way to put it. Few demons in DOOM have the same auditory or visual impact as the Cyberdemon.

If you can't see this hulking minotaur-like beast coming, it's safe to say you'll at least hear those hooves stomping in your direction.

8. Demon aka 'Pinky' (First appearance - DOOM)


Source: DOOM Wiki (Image credit: Source: DOOM Wiki)

The official name of this brutish beast is rather non-descript and honestly a bit uninspired, especially considering how gnarly the creature design is. Thankfully, 'Demon' has lovingly been given the nickname 'Pinky' by fans and developers due to the hue of its flesh in the original design.

Don't let this whimsical nickname fool you though, Pinky will absolutely destroy anyone unfortunate enough to get within grabbing range.

7. Arachnotron (First appearance - DOOM II)


Source: DOOM Wiki (Image credit: Source: DOOM Wiki)

Part big-brained evil genius, part cybernetic spider-monster, the Arachnotron is definitely one of the most nightmarish creatures in the DOOM universe. With an unnatural frame and massive eyes that change color when moving or attacking, this insect-inspired demon is some quintessential 90's sci-fi horror.

While this design is certainly iconic, it's not very accurate to call a creature with only four legs Arachnotron, but I guess Insectotron just doesn't have the same ring to it.

6. Mancubus (First appearance - DOOM II)


Source: DOOM Wiki (Image credit: Source: DOOM Wiki)

The Mancubus is a whole lotta demon. Its large stature, dual-rocket launchers, and generally imposing form make it a modern staple in the DOOM franchise. With a dragging gut that is seemingly bursting at the seams, the intimidating physicality of this behemoth is impossible to ignore.

It's rumored that the inspiration for this creature's name stems from combining 'manducus,' the Latin word for glutton, and 'incubus,' a medieval word meaning 'man-demon.'

5. Cherub (First appearance - DOOM III)


Source: Imgur (Image credit: Source: Imgur)

Cherubs might not be the most iconic demons in the DOOM franchise, but they are certainly the most disturbing. These disfigured human babies with insect-like wings and crudely attached claws prove that when it comes to the spawn of hell, nothing is off limits.

For many players, their first encounters with these ghastly abominations is a terrifying experience they won't soon forget.

4. Hell Knight (First appearance - DOOM II)

Hell Knight

Source: DOOM Wiki (Image credit: Source: DOOM Wiki)

Hell Knights are fast, nimble, and really want to kill you. These fleshy demons resemble humans in a few disturbing ways, especially in the face and head. With a mouth openly displaying muscle tissue and a completely exposed skull, Hell Knights take something familiar and brutally distort it.

Like the infamous Lickers of Resident Evil 2, there's just something very unsettling about looking at their grotesque forms.

3. Revenant (First Appearance - DOOM II)

Revenant Crop

Source: DOOM Wiki (Image credit: Source: DOOM Wiki)

How do you make a decaying skeletal demon with a face straight out of Evil Dead even more horrifying? Give it a jetpack with rocket launchers! While you're busy trying to slay hordes of enemies on the ground, the Revenant flies overheard raining destruction upon you.

Even though it was first introduced in DOOM II back in 1994, it was really DOOM (2016) where this airborne horror got its chance to shine.

2. Baron of Hell (First Appearance - DOOM)

Baron Of Hell

Source: DOOM Wiki (Image credit: Source: DOOM Wiki)

While there are certainly some enemies on this list that share similarities to the Baron of Hell, none of them pack quite the same devilish punch. This is hands down the most hellish creature to devastate the world of DOOM. Massive black horns and powerful cloven hooves gruesomely embody some of the most iconic depictions of hell and satanic imagery.

As a game franchise soaked in heavy metal culture, the Baron of Hell is easily one of the most 'metal' video game demons of all time.

1. Cacodemon


Source: DOOM Wiki (Image credit: Source: DOOM Wiki)

There's a very good reason the Cacodemon has more-a-less become the official mascot of the DOOM franchise. This unearthly monstrosity takes its inspiration from Dungeons & Dragons' classic Beholder monster but replaces the tentacle-like eye stalks with menacing horns.

Since its gruesome debut in 1993, the Cacodemon has firmly established itself as one of the most iconic creatures in video game history.

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DOOM has given us some of the most satisfying enemies to slay over the course of the last few decades and it looks like that trend won't change a bit with DOOM Eternal. Which of these baddies is your favorite to tear down?

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