Dropbox app now available for Windows 8

Good news for those who have been waiting and anticipating the arrival of Dropbox for Windows 8, it is now available. The popular cloud storage and sharing service has built a reputation as one of the more ubiquitous ways that folks like to share files and so its arrival on Windows 8 as a metro app is significant for the new platform.

The app is available to download for free and will work on both Windows 8 and Windows RT machines allowing you to download and share files at will.

Apps designed for Windows 8’s new touch friendly interface have been populating the Windows Store at a far higher rate than with Windows Phone. Presently there are still some gaps for well-known offerings and services for Microsoft's latest app store and its apps like Dropbox that will do much to show the platform is getting attention from important developers.

wpcentral Dropbox app now available for Windows 8

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It’s unclear why anyone using Windows 8 or Windows Phone would want to use Dropbox as Microsoft’s own SkyDrive service superior in almost every way. Still when it comes to sharing it seems more folks are fundamentally more aware of Dropbox as a way to share things with others.

  • The will work on Intel/AMD based machines as well as machines based on ARM like the Surface tablet. The features are as follows:
  • Browse and preview all of your files and photos on Dropbox
  • Open, edit and save files from other Windows 8 apps
  • Share any photo, file or folder with the Share Charm
  • Find your files with the Search Charm

The app is rather bare bones at the moment, you can browse your files using the app and you can save to Dropbox from an app but they have not implemented use of the Share Charms to upload to Dropbox. This is just the first version so we’re sure to see the app grab a few more features over time. As there really isn’t much to the app it performs very well on the Surface and if you do happen to rely on Dropbox then this will certainly get you by.

Windows Phone has SkyDrive already built into the very core of the operating system. The Skydrive service gives you more storage to begin with, is arguably more secure and provides a richer experience when using Microsoft’s eco system with apps available for the Xbox 360 and Windows. It is hard to see how the Dropbox service by should be taken seriously by Windows Phone users when it lacks an actual Windows Phone app. 

We wonder if this means we could be about to get an official client for Windows Phone too, let’s hope so eh Dropbox?

You can download the app from the Windows Store here (opens in new tab). Be sure to let us know what you think of the app and why you’d use this over SkyDrive. Comments are open below. 

  • its not very good cant delete files and trying to do any other thing is so obscure with no visual clues like if you was to left click a file it downloads the file but theres no clues thats what you are doing and right clicking a file just selects it then theres no clue of wjat you can do next once selected
  • the desktop version is way more useful than the new startscreen version and even destroys skydrive on win 8
  • Don't use drop box and ill be sticking with SkyDrive as i was one of the people that got to upgrade to 25GB for free so i don't need any others Cloud apps
  • +1
  • Same here... I too got 25 gb upgrade and haven't ever tried any other cloud storage options since then. Even if dropbox/others offer more functionality than skydrive in the future, i find myself unable to switch due to that hefty storage space..
  • Slightly off topic. I have that 25 GB too but since using the back up etc on my Windows Phone 8, I've noticed that my SkyDrive's free storage has sucked up from 9 GB free to 2 GB free. I haven't added anything at all since last two months, only been editing my documents which are just word docs. Do you guys have WP8 backups taking up huge chunk away by any chance?
  • Uploading any photos?
  • Sounds like your SkyDrive camera roll, not the actual backup info
  • Soooo.... Can we get an official drop box app on Windows Phone now?
  • +1
  • Who NEEDS dropbox? MS needs to increase awareness of SkyDrive, which is far better.
  • Like!
  •   I think MS are building the service up slowly; they are already taking on staggering amounts of user data even without promotion or pushing the service. I do think they need to start promoting it soon though especially as they now have iOS, Android apps available.
  • I use both Skydrive (25 Gb) and Dropbox (134 Gb) would really like to see an Dropbox app on WP8, i know most WP users are satisfied with Skydrive but switchers from iOS and Android will most likely look for a Dropbox app since it is known more.
  • Did you pay for all that or did it come free?
  • It was free with Android devices i reviewed: 2x S3 = 2x48gb + 1x One X = 23gb + a few Dropbox games and invitations boosted my storage to 134gb, although the storage that came with the devices is only available for 2 years.
  • As far as I know Skydrive still has bugs and sometimes you cant even share a simple picture with people without demanding them to create a Skydrive account, even though the share-rights is set to global. I still see people complaining about this on the support-forum.
    Its mindboggling that MS manages to fuck up the main thing cloud services was used for in the beginning, sharing files with others.
  • I NEED Dropbox.  My company has an account and it's how they share files.  I have clients that use it too.  Just because MicroSoft has a competing product doesn't mean people don't NEED the competition.  My company uses Google Apps and Amazon Web Services.  I suppose we could just switch everything to Skydrive, Office 365 and Azure - next week, right?  I could really use Google Talk and Google Drive too.  And if there already wasn't Evernote I'd be lost.
    Get real - these comments are mindless.
  • +1. Even though us fanboys don't think we need other services, the vast majority of people HAVE to use a combination of services from different companies whether they like it or not. My wife is a board member of an orginization that uses Drop Box for their document storage, so I for one welcome Drop Box to the modern UI!!
    LOVE my SkyDrive!!
  • For things in my school (like my geography class), she makes us use google drive or dropbox. Can't argue with the teacher. -_-
  • Well, whatever you do use Dropbox. They are not evil.
  • -1 one for ignorance. Same goes for this statement.
    "It’s unclear why anyone using Windows 8 or Windows Phone would want to use Dropbox as Microsoft’s own SkyDrive service superior in almost every way."
    some people will never understand. I am a user of both dropbox and SkyDrive I just recently purchased a uni sub for office 365 and now have 27gb of data for the next 4 years. :D but SkyDrive just can't match dropboxs built-in support for editing any Unicode text document regardless of it's extension. SkyDrive on the other hand only let's you edit documents using Word, Excel and PowerPoint in their various forms. :)
    which rules out Editing HTML documents, python scripts, heck C, C++ and Java code files as well. That's why we still need dropbox. SkyDrive is for life, dropbox is for dev work
  • Great and wish one for Windows Phone comes out very soon.
  • Come on dropbox, wp8 needs your app as well.
  • Would it, technically speaking, be possible now to upload files from Office to the Dropbox with WP8?
    With WP7 it wasn't possible because of restrictions in the OS.
  • Not possible, can save to Skydrive though... :)
  • I wonder how difficult it is for the Dropbox team to port the app to WP8. One of the strong points that was advertised for WP8 was that it runs the same kernel as Windows 8 making it easier to port apps. I guess we can now start to see if this strategy works.
    I personally don't use dropbox but there are A LOT of people who do, so saying that skydrive is enough, and better (which it is in my opinion, except for the fact that users can't locally download files that where shared with them by others) is not an argument. WP NEEDS this sort of apps. Lure people in, and I'm sure they will then notice the superiority of skydrive and switch.
  • I have 46GB of free space of Dropbox, so I use it.
  • I have 26,40 GB of space in my dropbox, so I prefer that than 8 Gb On skydrive.
    waiting for the WP8 app...
  • I use the pogoplug device for all my media needs. No file restrictions. Since I adopted the WP OS I emailed the company on creating an app for access. http://pogoplug.com/devices
  • I think it's good for the platform. More choice.
    My church uses dropbox for shared files.
  • I've already got Dropbox installed as a Desktop app on my Windows 8 Pro laptop. I see no need for this. And I'm using Dropbox because I get 20-something gigs of space thanks to a deal between HTC and Dropbox (I had a One X). I've also got a TON of my pics from my last phone uploaded right now. Other than that, now that I'm on a Lumia and have my Office docs automatically uploading to SkyDrive, I'm finding myself on SkyDrive's site more often.
  • For the time being, Dropbox is the superior service for me, even if there is no first party WP app.  The thing is that Dropbox supports far superior shared services.  Microsoft's approach to sharing content is limited.  With Dropbox, I have a folder that several of my friends share ownership of and we share content with each other through this folder.  It's great because the, with shared ownership, each friend can sync all of the content in the folder to their desktops.
    With Skydrive, there is no concept of shared ownership.  So, I can share a directory with several friends, and we can all add content and share stuff, but ONLY the original creator is allowed to sync that directory to the desktop.  This is unfortunately a major short fall for me :(
  • Ffuuu, again? These Windows 8-related post confuse me so badly with Windows PHONE 8-related posts, which I am actually interested in. Do something about it!
  • Erm, WPCentral reports on windows phone news, windows 8 news, and Xbox news.
  • No shit Sherlock. I'm a bit agitated that I constantly get confused with Windows and Windows Phone.
  • Aww, thanks!!
  • I know what you mean. Especially for quick reads/skims and glances, windows 8 vs windows phone 8 can get confusing, on top of Xbox, Xbox for windows, Xbox for windows phone... Oh and then you have the sites or comments/discussions that call it "windows 8 phone". I've gotten a bit confused myself...*sigh*
  • As someone mentioned earlier, uploading to Skydrive is far slower than to Dropbox.
    As a 3D artist & animator, this is important when uploading larger files and speed is critical.
    That being said I do use my SkyDrive quite often for photos and smaller sized personal documents.
    Lastly, how did some of you get 25GB on SkyDrive? Was there a promotion I missed somewhere?
  • Early adopters had 25gig and we got to keep it when they dropped it to 5 or whatever it is now.
  • C'mon, WP8 app ASAP!! Also, when is Pandora coming?
  • I can't wait u til this is available for Windows Phone. I know Skydrive is supposed to be better, but I have like 50 GB on Dropbox.
  • I find Dropbox's sharing capaiblity much better than any other 'free' service (that I've tried), but for everything else I'd probably use SkyDrive.
  • It is time for Microsoft SkyDrive team to add features like import mass file structures from other platforms like iOS and Android to SkyDrive..
    In this way it will be much easier to migrate to SkyDrive
  • I have a 25GB SkyDrive account and a 2YR 50GB DropBox account from my prior Samsung device.  Since I don't keep tons of stuff in the cloud I will likely use the SkyDrive account since there is a fully functional client available.
    Hopefully DropBox gets off their butz and offers a WP8 client soon.
  • I have used Dropbox for some time and have 100GB of space, which I paid a premium for. I need to be able to access my files, change them and save them, all in Dropbox. Currently, I can do that from my laptop but not from the Surface Dropbox app. The reason I bought a Surface was so I could alter Excel and Word documents on the fly. I need to be able to see them on my Computer, my Surface, my iPad, and my iPhone. The limitation of iPad was that I could see Word and Excel files but couldn't alter them. That's why I bought a Surface. I don't care if SkyDrive is superior in every way. I expect to be able to access, alter and save my work files without having to move them. Whether the limitation is programming by Dropbox or by Microsoft, it needs to be fixed.
  • "It’s unclear why anyone using Windows 8 or Windows Phone would want to use Dropbox as Microsoft’s own SkyDrive service superior in almost every way." - you must be joking, right?
    "78.9% of 217.5GB used"
    And now imagine - there's everything structured for my work. And imagine more - I do NOT use windows on my desktops. But I want to use it on my phone because I like it there. That is why I NEED dropbox application and will never need anything else. SkyDrive is that exact thing I do not need