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Dropbox for Windows 10 gets a new look and more in latest update

Dropbox recently shook things up with a colorful rebranding and design refresh, and now it's bringing some of that magic to its Windows 10 app as well. Dropbox version 5.0 is now rolling out to Windows 10 users with a refreshed design in tow, along with three new file layouts and more.

The biggest changeup most Dropbox users will latch onto right away is the design refresh. The app now carries an overall minimalistic look that fits in nicely with Microsoft's own Fluent Design language. The sidebar transparency effect, which initially debuted in an earlier version further drives home the Fluent Design inspiration.

Here's a full look at what's new in Dropbox version 5.0 for Windows 10, according to the release notes:

  • Display your files with 3 different layouts: gallery view, list view and content view
  • New design
  • New features for Dropbox Business users

Given Dropbox's recent drastic branding overhaul, it would be reasonable to expect some further design changes may be in the pipeline. For now, you can grab Dropbox 5.0 and all of the changes that come with it from the Windows Store now.

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  • What's the difference between content view, and list view here? Ah, now I see, content view is something in between. Images are being shown as thumbnails, while it looks like list in most other places. Nice.
  • Always feels light and fast than OneDrive
  • Thanks Rudy! (IIRC)
  • Indeed! Rudy's the man!
  • Still waiting on his major 6tag update announced years ago...
  • Update on a 3rd party app on a dead platform where the app now has official counterpart? I'd not hold my breath.
  • When the official one is not that great, I believe it wouldn't be too difficult for him to make a better one. Especially when the official one requires 2GB for it to work properly and 80% of WPs are 1GB or less.
  • Looks amazing compared to the ugly OneDrive app we have for Windows 10.
  • And runs so much smoother than Onedrive, especially on mobile...
  • In mobile too have changes. And they made so good.
  • Oh, that's better than last version '4'.
  • can this version can edit and save file into the cloud like the mobile version?
  • WOW
  • MS should hire Rudy as a head of UWP division or something.