This Duracell Xbox One controller is crazy – but we secretly want it

We love our limited-edition Xbox One controllers at Windows Central – but what about paying homage to those powering them? Battery manufacturer, Duracell, has kicked off a new partnership with Microsoft, highlighting its product lineup for Xbox gamepad use. Among a series of promotions, it's (somehow) sparked the creation of one of the best yet. Yes, that's a Duracell-branded Xbox One controller.

Debuted via the official Duracell Twitter, the custom controller mirrors the design of copper-topped batteries. Similar to the existing line of ombré "Shadow" controllers, its metallic finish slowly descends into matte black, embossed with bold Duracell branding on the right-hand grip.

Although Duracell's Xbox One controller won't hit store shelves, the design is still falling into public hands. The manufacturer is dishing out the design to select followers, paired with a stylish Duracell waist bag and 24 batteries.

Duracell's promotion appears to be part of a larger deal with Xbox, touting up to 50 hours of gameplay via its rechargeable Ultra Power AA batteries. Tied into Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's growing Netflix-style subscription service, buyers receive over 100 titles for $10 per month (opens in new tab). Let us know your thoughts on this high-voltage design in the comments.

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  • I think it looks awesome, Gimmie 1or 2 if your feeling generous.
  • ew lol lololololol olololo no.
  • Ultra Power AA batteries? Never heard of'em. Maybe a Eneloop comparison article?
  • This is the controller that should have come with the "Gold Rush" XB1X console.
  • That looks so good!!