Duronic brackets are a sturdy, affordable option for mounting two displays

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I've opted for the Duronic brand with their two monitor bracket to lift my screens off the desk. There's something rather special about having my monitors attached to a centralized stand. I find that the increased height, compared to the included monitor stands, as well as improved desk real estate with the clamp being located on the rear of the unit, is a worthy investment and helps keep everything neat and tidy.

The best part about the Duronic double monitor bracket is the price. Currently on Amazon you can purchase the dual-screen stand for just £24.99, down from £119.99 (or $72.99 with a 50% discount if you reside in the U.S.). It's a massive 79% discount for the UK and one that shouldn't be overlooked if you're looking at ways to change up your desktop setup. Word of caution, though: before looking at brackets such as these, do make sure your desk is strong enough to support screens on a clamped column.

Duronic Bracket

I thought a table purchased from IKEA would have sufficient strength to withstand the weight concentrated at a single point, but after some time (around six months or so) the table itself began to buckle with both the stand and screens actually starting to lean inwards a few inches due to the clamp slowly forcing its way through the desk itself. Solid wood or metal builds should be fine.

Each arm of the Duronic DM352 bracket has a VESA mount with double screw holes for both 75x75 and 100x100 configurations, and are able to swivel 360 degrees. There are a total of three pivot points on each arm, one located on the central column attachment, another mid-way and a final one on the docking plates.

The arms can extend up to 375mm and sit comfortably with two of my 21.5-inch AOC displays. Two cable mount management cups are also located on the underside of each arm to aid with keeping those pesky cables out of view. The central column is stainless steel, and allows for full 360 degrees of rotation. Display sizes supported by this particular unit range from 13- to 27-inches, though you'll need to double check measurements on larger panels, and ensure the screens have VESA support.

A number of Duronic brackets are on sale in the UK right now, which is ideal if you're interested in getting one to try out but need a bracket for a single display (or perhaps three). Don't think of them as cheap knock-offs due to the price reductions; they really are solid pieces of kit and are ideal for those who are looking to make the jump from relying on built-in monitor stands to clamped brackets. I've linked the dual-screen bracket below, but be sure to check out the other options if your requirements differ.

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