EA details various next-gen Xbox Series X, Series S enhancements

Star Wars Squadrons Baby Yoda
Star Wars Squadrons Baby Yoda (Image credit: EA)

What you need to know

  • EA detailed some next-gen enhancements for Xbox Series X/S consoles, then pulled it.
  • Various outlets reported on the upgrades, and we noted them below, including 120 FPS for Star Wars Squadrons.
  • The list may not be finalized, though, so we'll keep an eye out for updates.

In a new blog post (which EA has now removed) (via VentureBeat), EA has begun detailing what gamers on next-gen systems can expect from its existing catalog of games. Weirdly, it seems like EA has pulled the original blog post, so there may be some details that aren't complete in this list. We'll update them as and when we get them.

Thanks to full Xbox Series X and full Xbox Series S backward compatibility with the Xbox One, practically every game available on Xbox One will work on your next-gen system. Be sure to see our full Xbox Series X review and Xbox Series S review for more details on those consoles ahead of their launch next week.

In any case, this is what EA is currently touting in terms of next-gen visual enhancements. Of course, all games will get a loading speed boost, purely on the basis of next-gen Xbox Series X, and S SSD storage.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is getting a resolution bump to 1440p supposedly but is grabbing a more definitive next-gen enhancement pass next year. It will feature cross-play between all of its supported platforms. Of course, Apex will benefit from improved loading speeds as well.

FIFA, Madden, etc.

EA's sports titles will not be getting any meaningful upgrades, save for the natural improved loading speeds. Xbox Series X will grab the backward compatible Xbox One X version, and Xbox Series S will grab the backward compatible Xbox Series S version. It looks like, as usual, EA is putting the least effort into its cash-cow sports games.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Remastered)

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered will gain natural boosts from the SSDs, but will sport the backward compatible Xbox One X version for Xbox Series X, and Xbox One S version for Xbox Series S.

Star Wars Squadrons

EA is, however, delivering for Star Wars Squadrons! Star Wars Squadrons will come with two performance modes on Xbox Series X and Series S, both versions will also support variable refresh rates (FreeSync) on supported displays.

For Xbox Series S, your choices are improved lighting at 1440p 60 frames per second, or reduced lighting at 1440p 120 frames per second.

For Xbox Series X, you can grab improved lighting at full 4K at 60 frames per second, or reduced lighting at 4K at 120 frames per second.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

This wasn't in EA's blog post, but we've been testing out Jedi Fallen Order on our consoles as part of our big reviews. Jedi Fallen Order was a performance black hole on the previous-gen systems, but thanks to the improved CPU in the Xbox Series X and Series S, Jedi Fallen Order actually hits its performance targets without dropping a single frame, at locked 30 FPS in 4K mode and locked 60 FPS in performance mode. Hopefully, EA will look towards bumping the resolution on performance mode for the Xbox Series X, similarly to how The Witcher 3 has been enhanced.

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