Want to earn achievements for Xbox One without touching your controller? Now you can, as Microsoft is allowing media applications to include their own achievements. In a blog post this morning, the company has given away the fact that app makers would be allowed to include this latest ability to accompany achievements from gaming.

Media achievements will give “the opportunity to achieve badges or rewards for media they consume in addition to gaming”. Love watching Netflix or Amazon Video? Well maybe your hours of catching up on Breaking Bad or Dexter will up your virtual shelf of awards.

Watching hours upon hours of video content won’t increase your Gamerscore – that will remain separate. Microsoft made sure to make this clear in a statement:

“Don’t worry, watching a zillion hours of House of Cards won’t impact your Gamerscore. We know that is sacred."

Some examples of possible media achievements include possibly earning an “addict” achievement when watching a certain app a certain amount of times during a specified time period or another achievement, which is awarded if you watch 10 shows before the end of 2013.

Xbox One Apps

Microsoft’s Xbox One is not just aiming to be your entertainment system for its lifespan – they want to be your #1 multimedia box. Adding media style achievements really shows just how much the company wants you to use its latest device as a streaming box.

“Xbox, on” won’t simply be a command you shout when feeling a blood lust for zombies or needing to save Elizabeth from The Prophet – it will be your access to a world of entertainment and content (not to mention your cable box).

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Fact of the day: November 22 won’t only mark the launch day for Xbox One, but also the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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