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EA's platformer puzzle game Unravel now available on Xbox One, PC

Unravel, a puzzle platformer game published by Electronic Arts, is now available for the Xbox One and PC for $19.99. The game sees Yarny, a creature made out of a single thread of yarn that slowly unravels as he moves. The challenge is to manage the finite supply of yarn to interact with the environment.

From EA:

Using Yarny's thread and big heart, traverse nature's obstacles through different physics-based puzzles in this unique puzzle platformer. Swing over a tree gap or hitch a ride on a flying kite, no feat is too big. Along the way, witness Yarny unlock a heartfelt story re-uniting a family's lost loved ones.

If you're an EA Access subscriber, you'll get 10 percent off of the price of the game.

  • Beautiful, sweet, cute. A bit...gameplay...less, but I like that. !
  • And because of that, nowadays it's rare to see games with both TRULY deep story and gameplay. But you like that right? Who cares! Let EA keep selling overpriced games! All those games require is for you to turn your brain off... Then you'll have a blast with it! And no, I'm not judging this game at all, I'm taking about everything EA has done recently... Which seems to be nothing but a huge effort to crush their own franchises. Because of that and many other stupid practices, I decided not to pay a penny to them.
  • So good. So relaxing to play. Well worth anyone's money.
  • There was a time this site was about wp, then about all ms products. Now it is about anything that is somehow related to some ms products? I mean I would understand games on windows store, but games on origin? I understand that I may be alone on this but I liked it more when this site was a little more focused.
  • True that.
  • So what, Windows users should be restricted to only knowing about things that come from the Windows Store? You're suggesting we ignore telling people who might want this on their PC that they can get it, just because they can't get it from the Windows Store? Seems a bit narrow minded.
  • As a Windows10 PC & Laptop, Windows Phone, and Xbox One owner I salute you. :-)
  • We're here for everyone. Which also means that there'll be a lot of stuff that some people aren't interested in. Which is totally fine.
  • Well not "everyone" I have a windows phone and windows pc which I don't play games on, I also don't own an Xbox but do own a ps4. Would it be too bad to just add a line saying it's also available on ps4? Or would that be betraying the Ms brand?
  • Yeah, I don't get it either. They see it as "Pro PS4" or "Anti MS" so they rather not mention it, but I think it's 100% "Pro-Reader".
  • mmmm no, I'm just saying that previously you were covering very well phones, then you started covering all widnows hardware and all windws store apps and you still managed to cover everything very well. Now I see random games popup on the site and I can't see why this is reviewed while the other 100 games that come out every week don't. "You're suggesting we ignore telling people who might want this on their PC that they can get it, just because they can't get it from the Windows Store" ...duh! I'm suggesting you decide what this site is about and cover that, there are so many games and win32 exe released everyday that people might want so.... I just said that before you were fully covering what this site was focusing on, while now I wouldn't know how to describe this site. Origins: a site about windows phones and windows phone store apps and games, "full" coverage 2nd version: a site about windows hardware and windows store apps and games, "full" coverage 3rd version: a site about whatever remotely windows related I mean it is ok, I can scroll through 10 news I don't care to find the one I care about, but don't call me narrow minded :) You may disagree and/or don't care about anything I said it's ok, everyone have their opinions why taking it so personally.
  • In terms of game coverage...a high percentage of everything that becomes available on Xbox One gets some form of coverage on Windows Central. More interesting/popular titles may get more coverage, including reviews. Windows Central covers the entire Windows/Microsoft ecosystem. Which includes apps, games, services, hardware etc that is part of or adds to the experience of using Windows devices. Laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, Xbox, IoT, wearables, apps, games and so on.
  • Yeah that's the whole point of what I said, IN MY OPINION you are going too big, as it often happens trying to satisfy everyone means not really satisfying anyone. I understand that's my point of view. It's like if a site about windows gaming tried to cover everything about windows, gaming fans wouldn't really be happy. (oh and I'm an heavy gamer by the way :) )   Let's say better site sections and filtering would probably mitigate the problem of finding things, it won't mitigate the fact that having less time to cover everything will make articles more superficial but that would be a good start.
  • It's also available on the Xbox store. But I do still think we should be able to filter stories based on personal preference - perhaps in the new app.
  • I have Origin installed on Windows, which is in our branding so it makes sense to cover games as such too? Gaming is a massive part of the Microsoft ecosystem, not just Windows Phone or even Windows itself. Gotta think big, man! At the end of the day, you could always skip over articles on the site that don't interest you?
  • See my answer above :)
  • I've been wanting to play this game since it was first announced but I didn't think I was going to be able to since I don't own an XBOX. I somehow managed to not see that it was coming out on PC. Thanks to Windows Central not being narrow minded I now know that I too will be able to play it on my PC by paying only $20 for it on my Windows Origin app. $20 is much less than I thought it was going to be. Once again, thank you Windows Central for not being narrow minded.
  • Lol so they should cover everything remotely windows related because you can't google "<your game name> pc version"? See my answer above if you have some time to try and follow a reasoning instead of insulting ;)
  • It's on Xbox One.... and Windows PC.... and PS4. Don't see the problem with this one bit. Or are you suggesting WC not cover any XB1 games just because they also appear on other platforms?
  • I'm suggesting that at least they let you filter away games news because there are already tons of sites that focus only on windows games with a fantastic coverage and full reviews, while this site is very strong on other things that are now flooded among these game advertisments. What you can find on this site that cannot be found on any other site is : windows hardware news, windows store apps and games news that's what makes this site different and beautiful.
  • Filtering specific news topics is one thing but they can't just stop posting about the games that are available for PC and Xbox One. I for one, don't visit many gaming news sites and at least for me WC does a great job at providing gaming news of all Windows devices (I don't care about the others). So for me, WC is the one stop place to visit everything Windows related, be it hardware, software or gaming.
  • Growth doesn't happen (sadly) by standing still.
  • It's obvious you have a chip on your shoulder with regards to game news. Don't hold your breath on filtering "game news". Because if they let you do that then they would have to let you filter anything you want, including their WC Store deals of the day etc... In essence, you are inadvertently proposing loss in revenue for this site. Any clicks they get from game news (and subsequent ad revenue etc...) help fund other stories and vise versa. If you personally don't relate or care for a particular story then just ignore it and have a nice day. Cheers.
  • Actually I said that I can skip through 10 articles to find one interesting, what I'm saying is that while sometime ago there was a lot of focus and you could find interesting things easily now you have to go through a lot of adverts, this is advertising, it's not a review about a game, then you have merchandise adverts, it is becoming more and more unusable each day. I would rather have them put banners in the new app and paid version instead of having all these 3 lines articles "new case sale for lumia xxx" "new EA game - very nice - look video" 2cents :)   Oh and no chip on my shoulder, I have played almost every good PC PS and XBOX game  out there in the last 15 years, and I am actually developing a little Universal game too ;)
  • I TOTALLY agree with you, Paolo. Thank you for exposing your opinion and having the patience to explain it a lot of times. I know you are being well-meaning here, something people don't usually perceive when we propose changes. I gave up trying to do that (to propose), for example. Gafternoon
  • Crticism is not well received in real life, I didn't expect great reactions on a comment wall :)
  • So instead of hearing about awesome new games available on Xbox and PC, you'd rather hear about depressing Windows Mobile and numerous bugs found in MS hardware. Makes sense to me!! And why do you need a filter? If something doesn't interest you, just move on and go about your day.
  • LOL obviusly I'm talking as someone who was interested in windows phone and windows hardware and windows store news, since this site was the best at it. If people was not interested in these news then this site wouldn't even be born. If there was nothing interesting I would "move on and go about my day" the point is there is still interesting things to read among all the by the numbers "news". 
  • Unfortunately, if the site focused on Windows Phone like they used to, they would have nothing to report on for the next few months, with there being no new phones to expect or any major new updates.
  • I actually enjoyed the fact that they went universal as did the windows environment as stated in my previous posts, the point is finding the right balance.
  • You're trying too hard and are obviously beating a dead horse. But by all means... Carry on!
  • Ummm xbox one and pc are ms if you like it or not. It's not windows phone central last time I checked.
  • My criticism was a little deeper than that :p
  • I salute you. Your points are valid, your wording is polite and to the point yet even when others just trying hard to find the pseudo negativity within your posts, you're trying again to make your point even clearer. Respect.
  • Ugh...
  • Great idea follows: Don't read it. I don't read the entire Sunday newspaper. I don't read every WPC article. Haters gonna hate. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • this game really interesting 
  • Looks lovely creative game.
  • This is a great game. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I downloaded this on the X1 at the weekend, it was quite fun and interesting, but now I'm stuck :( Will definitely revisit it though and see if I can progress. Relaxing and simple gameplay, sometimes this is just what the doctor ordered. Good graphics too.
  • I'll probably buy it on my Xbox One as I have been looking forward to this game. After buying Tomb Raider from the Windows Store, I really hope more games come to the Store and if this game would have launched in the store, I would have bought it already! Having Tomb Raider not be dependent on a third party client or manual installs, no other software to install or update, passwords to remember and the game being easily available on my other Windows 10 PCs, including at work for breaktime/lunch time Raiding, with full Xbox integration is AMAZING!!!!
  • Take my money!!!
  • Buying later today for sure! This looks like a game both my girlfriend and I would enjoy playing! (and it's hard finding games she enjoys)
  • Let them cover what they want. You find the right balance in what you wanna read
  • Yes!
  • Most beautiful game on Xbox One. So fun to play.