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Edge's surf game rolls out to Edge Canary for Android like a tidal wave

Edge Android Opentabs Sync Lede
Edge Android Opentabs Sync Lede (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Edge surf game is now available on Edge Canary for Android.
  • Edge's surf game is an endless runner that has you avoid obstacles along the waves.
  • Support for the surf game has been requested for a long time, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft is hard at work on its Edge browser. Earlier this week, the company rolled out the first version of Edge Dev for PCs that's based on version 95 of Chromium. Microsoft is also working on a feature to let people pick up where they've left off when reading PDFs on their PCs. Now, the tech giant is showing some love for mobile users of Edge. The Android version of Edge Canary can now play the Edge surf game.

While Edge's surf game may not be as useful as some of Microsoft's other new features for its browser, it is highly requested. The Microsoft Edge Dev Twitter account says that people have asked for the Edge surf game on mobile for a long time.

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For those unfamiliar with Edge's surf game, it's an endless runner, or rather an endless surfer. Your player moves down the screen on its own, and you tap left or right to avoid obstacles. You have to avoid rocks, other surfers, and octopi to continue surfing. You can play the Edge surf game by going to "edge://surf" in Edge Canary on Android.

The game has three modes, endless, time trial, and zig zag. You can keep track of your high score and share the game with your friends as well. If you'd like, you can even reduce the speed of the game.

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  • We in the NYC area greatly appreciate this today.
  • They won't fix the massive battery drain for the original edge on android a lot of people are complaining about... but a game... they got time for that 🤦‍♂️
  • I'm sure that shipping this game used all of their resources and that Microsoft can't work on anything else on Edge.
  • Yep. Their billion dollar work force was required to make and release this game 😏