Edjing Pro offers a full-featured music DJ app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Edjing Pro, a new version of the company's popular Edjing music DJ app, is now available for Windows 10 on PC and Mobile. The app costs $4.99 to download.

Edjing previously released a version of its free DJ app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, with in-app purchases to unlock extra features. However, Edjing Pro (via Plaffo) offers a more full-featured experience with an up-front price tag. Here's its long list of features:

  • Direct access to all the essential djing features
  • Large audio spectrum for optimum beat localizations, making it easier to adjust your songs settings and bpm matching
  • Songs bpm directly visible on the mixing interface
  • Direct access to your music library in a single click, with all your songs, titles, albums and playlists
  • DJ FX organised between structuring sound effects and coloring sound effects for an easy navigation
  • Colored identification of sound effects in use within the audio spectrum to find your way around in a single look
  • Direct access to your local music files
  • Browse all the folders located on your device
  • Queue system to prepare your DJ sets in advance
  • Low audio latency for accuracy and comfort in mixing
  • Perfect beatmatching: DJ sound effects perfectly synchronized with the beat
  • New automatic track synchronization with continuous beatmatching resetting between songs
  • 2 broadcast channels to mix 2 tracks at once
  • Bpm detection and direct visualization
  • Ultra-concise scratch
  • Pre-Cueing
  • 4 editable Hot Cue per channel
  • 3-band Equalizer and filters available on each channel
  • Automix mode
  • Color effects to give more depth to your mix such as Super Filter or Delay
  • Echo Out to achieve automatic transition exits
  • Rhythmic effects synchronized on the beats like Beatgrid, Roll Filter
  • Freeze feature to isolate and focus the audio spectrum on a specific song segment and play the freezed beats while automatically matching it on the beatlist and the bpm
  • Custom beats thanks to the "Tap BPM" mode: adjust the beats manually as you like using natural sweep and pinch gestures.
  • Record your mix in .wav
  • Control edjing with the world's first wireless crossfader: Mixfader.

Download Edjing Pro from the Windows Store ($4.99)

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John Callaham